Addicted to love… and dog food.

I’m starting to worry about the old lady Violet. Between Steve’s constant need to “process” what’s going on with Willow [I still haven’t told him all the details] and Ethel’s amplified mood swings since her concert was a flop, I fear Violet’s aged, frazzled nerves can’t take much more.

Lately I’ve noticed Violet getting addicted to food…and I mean ADDICTED. Her biggest weakness is for the furry beasts’ food. Every time our moms feed the beasts, Violet hobbles out to the kitchen hoping to catch a few bites.

A brave (or is it desperate?) Violet attacking The General’s food bowl.

When our moms sit down to dinner, it’s not the furry beasts begging for food. It’s Violet waging a full-on assault on their plates. I had no idea she could be so aggressive. This is bad.

Violet goes for the knife.

It’s so bad, in fact, that I’m worried she might be trying to hurt herself. The other night when our moms came home with Dairy Queen, she accosted them for a bite. Death by Chocolate? I haven’t seen Violet move that fast in years!

Thank goodness Baby Girl became a certified Life Coach. Maybe she can help. Though after my experience making a Vision Board with Steve [Baby Girl suggested this might be helpful to guide him toward “creating the life he wants”], I’m a little wary of asking for Baby Girl’s assistance.


Steve’s Vision Board [This exercise was intendedto help him get over Willow.]

Baby Girl is supposed to stop by tomorrow to fill me in on all the latest details about Willow’s alleged girlfriends. Maybe I’ll talk to her about Violet. Then again, I’m not sure I could handle having to help with another Vision Board.


17 thoughts on “Addicted to love… and dog food.

  1. Hello Carol – it’s your transatlantic canine associate here. I am MOST concerned about the misappropriation of dog food by your feline companions but, in the absence of my being able to afford an airfare to the States and, seeing as you actually seem like a reasonable kind of cat, I will let this go on this occasion.

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    • Thank you, dearest Badger. I’m doing my very best to keep Violet away from the furry beast’s food. Surprisingly, for an old lady she’s not so easy to deter!


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