The Great Debate

Hello. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Carol. I’m a cat and this is my blog. Tonight I am moderating a debate between my brothers, Walter and Sherman [aka The General], and our outside neighbor cat [and my personal mentor], Baby Girl. My sister, Eggnog, has graciously agreed to transcribe the debate, so it’s airing nearly Live!


After drawing twigs, the order was determined to be The General, Walter, and Baby Girl. I asked all of my participants to keep the discussion polite and respectful. After all, this is a family blog Continue reading

Conscious UnCoupling

My brother, Steve, is insufferable. He won’t stop talking about how he’s the next Bachelor. When I try to bring a dose of reality [reality reality, not television reality!], he says I’m just jealous because he’s more popular than me. Whatever!

Steve, The Bachelor? Give me a break!

Steve, The Bachelor? Give me a break!

Anyway, at least Ethel’s still tolerable thanks to her online love affair with Arnold. She is reluctantly working with our neighbor, Baby Girl, to win Arnold’s heart. After the debacle with The Secret, Ethel swore she’d never listen to Baby Girl again. But I guess being in love makes you do strange things. Continue reading

A Blog of One’s Own

I’m back. It’s been a rough week. The furry beasts [Eggnog, Walter, and Sherman] locked me out of the computer, took over my blog, and are demanding one blog post a week. This is MY blog! But for the sake of peace, I’m letting them have their way. And they say that I create drama. Ha!


It’s warmed up outside and LOUD Mom enjoys opening the windows to let fresh air into the house. That’s great for me because it gives me the opportunity to chat with my neighbor friend, Baby Girl. Baby Girl is always a good sounding board for me [much to Eggnog’s chagrin]. Baby Girl gives great advice. I guess that’s why she became a certified Life Coach.


Me watching out the window for Baby Girl.

So I was chatting through the window with Baby Girl, telling her what the furry beasts did to me. Baby Girl said we live in a culture where boys have all of the power. She told me that it’s not uncommon for boys to assert their dominance when their power is threatened. If I want to take back my power, Baby Girl said that I need to do what she says and stand up to them. Continue reading

AT-AT it again.

Well, I regret to report that the bedroom door is still closed. But life goes on. I especially wish the door was open so I would have one more place to escape from Steve.

Steve’s been on Cloud 9 ever since he met our recent visitor Basil Worthington. I worried Steve would fall apart when Basil returned home to Louisville, but no such luck. Steve’s more determined than ever to be the perfect feline specimen. Right now he’s trying some new ab workout he found online that involves rubberbands and tennis balls. Don’t ask. He swears if he could just get his paws on a Shake Weight he’d have the most sculpted body ever. He watches too many infomercials.


The Shake Weight [As Seen on TV]. Saturday Night Live did a funny spoof of the Shake Weight ad [click here to watch]. Steve got SO MAD when I showed it to him! He said there’s nothing funny about his quest to achieve the perfect abs.

But enough about Steve. He’s the least of my concerns right now. Violet is the one that worries me. Continue reading

And you get a car! Or maybe just a splinter.

I’m not sure if it’s the rebirthing or the response he got from his post, but Walter has a real spring in his step. And he hasn’t chased me for almost two whole days!!! Whatever the reason, I’ll take it!

I can’t say the same for Ethel, however. She’s been a real handful since Baby Girl was here for our rebirthing. Ethel tells me she’s done with Baby Girl. She said she’s followed all of Baby Girl’s instructions for achieving her dreams of a singing career and nothing’s come of it.

For starters, Baby Girl told Ethel to read The Secret and do exactly what the book said. So for over a week Ethel disappeared into her book. What a delightful (and quiet) week that was. Continue reading