(Ex) Gays of our Lives

So much for taking a break from the drama. Steve asked me for help getting down to the source of this:


For once I actually felt a little sorry for Steve. He was completely perplexed as to why Willow was in that ad. I knew right away what the ad meant, so I kept my eyes peeled for Willow’s sister Baby Girl.

When I finally got to talk to her, she was full of information and eager to share. Baby Girl said Willow had been talking to a cat named Greg on the dating website Plenty of Felines. Willow felt like Greg really understood him. So he was a little upset when he found out that Greg was married – to Cindy. But they kept talking and Greg sent Willow some literature.


Willow started Skyping with Greg and Cindy and they told him they could help him find true happiness. They, too, had been chasing the wrong tails until they found FelExodus. Willow was very excited that Greg and Cindy were being so nice and helpful. Willow said that they met up with him a few times and started introducing him to females they thought he would like. And they told him he should probably not talk to Steve anymore.


Baby Girl’s been interviewing other cats on the block trying to figure out who the girls are that Willow’s dating – and which one is carrying his kittens [shame on Willow’s mom and dad for not having him neutered!]. Bubbles thinks at least one of them is Marmalade, who lives a block over. She gets around. But there are a few others Baby Girl’s looking into. She said she’d get back to me.


Violet “sleeping.”

I knew Baby Girl would be able to help. But I didn’t want to share everything I learned with Steve because he’s been such a wreck. He hasn’t mentioned his abs in days and he’s been spending a lot of time talking to the wise old lady Violet. She tries to look like she’s sleeping, but I can tell she’s faking it. Of course that doesn’t work.

Thankfully, Baby Girl told me she recently became a certified Life Coach (whatever that is) and that she has some tools to share with me to help Steve create the life he wants. She said something about having him make a Vision Board. I don’t know what all of that means, but if it will get Steve back to his irritating, muscle-flexing, t-shirt wearing old self, then I’m all for it.

22 thoughts on “(Ex) Gays of our Lives

    • Thank you for visiting, Oscar!! How nice of you 🙂 You’re going to be one big furry beast! And I thought my brother The General was a big guy. Please give my hellos to Neurotic Cat! I look forward to keeping up with you!

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    • I told Steve he has your support and he said thank you. And, by the way, he wants to know if you have any good looking boy cats? If so, he said they can still find his profile (sexy_steve2714) on POF.


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