As the Gay Turns

steve-12_profile-circleSteve here. Carol’s been acting funny lately (well, acting like a real cat, but for Carol that’s weird), so I’ve had more time on the computer. Works for me. Besides, I’m doing my best to steer clear of Ethel right now. She hates me on a good day, and with the mood she’s in after her “concert” flopped, things could get ugly. I normally enjoy tormenting her, but even I know when to lay low.


Ethel on a good day, haha.

I’m not having a lot of luck finding a catch on Plenty of Felines (POF). I don’t know if you’ve ever tried online dating, but there are some real crazies out there — Scruffy being the most recent. pof-meetme Turns out Scruffy lives just one street over. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat and a bit of a bruiser. Carol would call him a thug. Not quite what I’m looking for. I want a cat that’s lithe and refined.

Skyping with all of these weirdos made me miss Willow. He hasn’t been around lately and I haven’t seen him on POF. That got me worrying. So I decided to look for him on Google. (And Carol says I’m a dumb jock! I may have rock hard abs, but that doesn’t mean I have rocks in my head. I’m the total package.) Just as I was about to give up, I came across this: Carol-05_profile What is this? Willow has girlfriends? And why is he wearing a bow tie?! …

17 thoughts on “As the Gay Turns

    • After being on the computer all night, he just asked for my help getting to the bottom of this. Thankfully for him, I have keen observation and sleuthing skills. That and I’m friends with Willow’s sister Baby Girl.


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