On Golden Paw

carol-05_profile-circleI’m finally back – on MY OWN blog. I was concerned that Sherman was trying to overthrow me, but as my trusted adviser, Deb, pointed out, Sherman is experiencing a crisis with his troops. His focus is on taking care of their needs, not taking over my blog. I hope Deb’s right!

What’s made matters worse is that when Sherman’s not on the computer, Ethel insists she needs it. And I’m NOT taking her on. No way. That old bat scares me.


Would you challenge THIS?

But why does Ethel need to be online all of a sudden? Before I taught her enough to write a blog post, she could barely even turn on the computer! Now, suddenly, she’s a whiz?

It was my brother, Steve, who first noticed Ethel’s change in behavior. For some reason, she stopped reacting to him. He could walk in her room and she wouldn’t bat an eye. He began testing her – walking closer, and closer, until he was just a few inches away. Nothing. No hissing, no scratching, no pained meows. Just quiet. Quiet! Now that’s NOT Ethel!!


My brother Steve. How could you hate this face?

Then Sherman started complaining about her scent. Said she smelled flowery and it was making his troops stink. He tried confronting Ethel, but she told him where he could stick his stinky troops. [Now that’s the Ethel I know!] Sherman says he let that go because she didn’t mean it the way it sounds. The truth is, The General’s just as scared of Ethel as I am. We’re ALL terrified of her! Except maybe Violet. She’s old and doesn’t care enough to be bothered unless Ethel steals her bed!


Ethel looking mad she has to share VIOLET’s bed.

Anyway, something was up with Ethel and I needed to get to the bottom of it. So I hid behind the printer to spy while she was online. Turns out Ethel was Skyping with a cat named Arnold. I crept closer to get a better view.


Looks like everyone but me has been making calls on Skype.

But sitting in such close proximity to Ethel, I began to have difficulty breathing because of her perfume. And then I sneezed! Ethel quickly hid her screen, but she knew I’d seen. My heart raced and I considered darting off, but in that instant I knew this was my opportunity. I take my responsibility to this blog seriously and am committed to getting ALL of the information, regardless of the risk to myself.

I asked Ethel who this Arnold is, and she said he’s her boyfriend! Boyfriend!?! Ethel’s TOO OLD to have a boyfriend! Old lady cats don’t date. [May I make a suggestion here? Don’t tell an old lady cat she’s old. It doesn’t go over well.]

After listening to another of Ethel’s tirades, I pressed on. For you, dear reader.

Ethel said Arnold found her through one of her guest posts on my blog. He told her that he was drawn to her “curvaceous figure and siren song.” Poor old Arnold must be senile and deaf.


Ethel went on to say that Arnold understands her plight. He, too, lives with a boorish young, male cat [a Himalayan, no less] that torments him at every turn. Plus, his humans have a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, which Arnold says he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy.

And Ethel think's Steve's lazy.

And Ethel thinks Steve’s lazy.

Apparently they have even more in common. According to Ethel, Arnold is an accomplished drummer, but no one in his house appreciates his talent. All they do is yell at him: “Arnold, stop making so much noise,” “Arnold, quit jumping on Justin’s drum set!”

Ethel claims she’s in love. Oh boy. I see trouble lurking ahead – especially if Arnold turns out to be what Eggnog calls a “playa”.

41 thoughts on “On Golden Paw

    • Yes, I can. Sherman – excuse me, The General – and his troops are still waiting for a response. He thought he had an answer Sunday when the basket was moved to the middle of the room, but it turned out to be cleaning day. The basket was promptly returned to its spot behind the chair when the cleaning was finished.


  1. Ethel in love. OMG. ❤️
    Carol, I think you should talk to your moms about getting your own reality show. I can hardly wait for your next update. You make my day. Keep up your keen observations. We’re counting on you.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Baby Girl says she’s in talks with Dr. Phil to be a guest on his show. Maybe she knows someone who knows someone? But I’ll only do it if it’s unscripted. I have to maintain my integrity as a reporter of observations.

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      • I agree that the only way to go is unscripted. Beware of Hollywood types who might try and turn you into a Kardashian type show. In that case, just say no.
        And I agree with others, just be sure Ethel isn’t asked for money or a cell phone by her boyfriend, that’s where the trouble starts. (At least on countless Judge Judy episodes)

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  2. I think you have two ways to go with this Carol. Enjoy the peace and quiet and quite frankly don’t allow ageism to cloud your vision that Ethel may very well be happy and Arnold on the up and up. Is Arnold close to Ethel’s age? Perhaps these two just want some happiness.
    The other side is that Eggnog is right and this Arnold is all about the wine and dine and getting what he can from Ethel. Watch for signs that Ethel may be trying to meet up with him in person, which could be risky if Arnold is the ‘playa’ type.

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    • Yes, Arnold and Ethel are both old. REALLY old. Maybe you’re right – maybe Ethel just wants to be happy. That just seems so out of character for her. Frankly, this new Ethel scares me more than the one I know.

      I will, of course, keep an eye on her and [get someone else to] intervene if she tries to meet with him or starts sending him things in the mail. As always, thank you for your insight!


  3. Carol, I am very glad to see you back and hope this means the troop crisis has been contained.
    Except for Ethel wanting to be on your computer all the time, Arnold could make your life easier…. assuming he isn’t a ‘playa’, that is. If he has family problems, then Ethel might be as good for him as he seems to be for her – and the peace and harmony of your house … this assumes they don’t decide to use skype for practicing songs, etc.

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    • I’m afraid to report that Sherman’s troop crisis is ongoing. He thought he had a response yesterday, but it turned out to be cleaning day! EVERYTHING gets moved when Little Mom cleans.

      As for Ethel, I’ll try to keep a positive outlook. Just using those two words in the same sentence – Ethel and positive – feels awkward 🙂


  4. So Ethel has a dude huh? If Arnold is attracted to curves, Ethel’s got a doozy. Being a senior guy myself, I must chime in and say at Ethel’s age, “love” may consist of holding paws and some “above the covers” snuggling so I’m thinking even if Arnold is a playa, there’s no danger lurking in a harmless flirtation. I do suggest that you continue with the surveillance though – if Arnold asks her to send money you’ll know this is a SCAM and not “the real thang” ! I’d be interested in an update on the troop situation……has Sherman given up? Say it isn’t so!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Has Sherman given up?! Ha! He’s driving us all crazy. Everyone EXCEPT our moms it seems. I’m pretty sure they’d do something if he was annoying them as much as he’s annoying all of us!

      And I definitely plan to keep an eye on Ethel! I keep thinking this MUST be a scam – how could anyone like Ethel that much?! Thanks for visiting, Sammy!!!


      • I’m glad you like it! We all came from shelters, so I like to promote humans adopting cats and dogs when possible! As for how that link was added, I’m going to have to defer to my brother, Walter. He helped me with the bells and whistles on my blog! I’ll have him respond to you 🙂

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      • All mine were strays too. Cat #1 was from North Shore Animal League, one upper easter, the rest were from Manhattans Chinatown and Jebus was from Boston. I thought I was going to take kitty break after Jebus. So not happening. I’m in the process of cleaning and cat proofing (putting all breakables away). I,ve been checking out no kills but I feel like I should adopt from a kill shelter since the no kills are safe. I don’t know if I can walk in a kill shelter either. That would be hard. I keep joking the next time I,m Chinatown . I will go hunting for a few new cats. Guess I will finish cleaning first then I will figure out who is coming home with me. Sucks I don’t wanna choose. My cats and I just kind of bumped into each other In the past. There are kitties a Ollie Place (one of my favorite charities) that I’m getting attached too when I go there to play with them. It’s not hard for me to attach to animals. if I was Warren Buffet rich. I,d buy a few buildings to house cats and dogs and their nannies to live in since i,d need lots of help caring for that many they would be all rescue and strays.

        Thanks! Will work on getting that sign up!

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      • I’m glad Walter was able to help you! Just let him know if you have any questions. And I’m happy for you that you’re going to adopt a new kitty. I understand how hard it would be to walk into a shelter that euthanizes and pick only one, but at the same time you’re doing a really good thing. Ultimately cats in any shelter need a forever home. Whatever you decide, you’re doing a very good thing!! Good luck!

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      • The max is 3 at the kill shelter. I’m a little worried if they all get along too. I don’t see many bonded pairs on the ACC website. I’m sure I’ll see some in person. I had very very naughty cats in the past and they sprayed a lot. I would like to try and avoid that. I don’t get rid of my animals no matter what so I had to live whatever they do. Whiskie sprayed for 9 1/2 years. That cat trained me! I tried everything to get him to stop. He did it 8 more times instead of 3 and he looed me dead in the eye if we were in the same room. I miss him. Was funny. He was sick a lot so at first I thought it was a sign something was going on. After 3 months of blood work and tests found out it was behavioral. I lived with 3 cats that sprayed. Best part is they used the litter pan when they were sick. I’d adopt 2-3 kitties. Don’t want them to be lonely. Plus, ‘dI like have a few. I’d like 5 but hubby’s allergies are a lot better so I’m guessing I should go with 2. If I got to the ACC I want 3.

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      • Your apprehension is understandable! A spraying cat is no fun!! Hopefully you can find kitties like Steve and me who, while not biologically related, are kenneled together and bonded that way. Steve and I were in a cage together for four months before we were adopted. And I’m so glad we were both adopted together! For as much as he annoys me, I can’t imagine not having Steve around 🙂 I wish you all the best in your search!!!

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    • Hello, I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Carol’s brother, Walter. She asked me to tell you how I added the Petfinder link on her blog. Here’s what I did.

      I went into the “WP Admin” page and selected “Appearance” from the menu. Under the Appearances menu, I selected “Widgets.” Then I chose the “Text” widget and moved it over to where I wanted it on the Main Sidebar. Using the Petfinder logo that I already had added to Carol’s media library, I inserted the HTML code to link to the image and then linked the image to the Petfinder website. I hope that makes sense!

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  5. I don’t know about this internet dating thing. Ethel should try to meet someone using a more traditional cat dating approach like… hmmm… I guess there really isn’t much choice here. Just make sure Ethel isn’t sending dirty pictures of her “curve”.

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