Call off the ASPCA

Eggnog-06_profile-circleEggnog here. I’m sure Carol won’t like me commandeering her blog, but this is getting out of hand. Our moms are NOT trying to starve and/or poison the cats. If you need proof, here are a few pictures of Ethel. Look at that gut! That’s not the belly of a starving feline.


image image

So, I hope this puts that issue to rest. Now I’d like to get back to my bed before Sherman realizes I vacated it and steals the chewy I buried.

(I entered Ethel in Katzenworld’s Tummy Rub Tuesday. She’ll love that.)

8 thoughts on “Call off the ASPCA

  1. hello eggnog its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar naymd after my dadas most fayvritest holiday drink!!! in fakt wen i told him eggnog had hijackd the blog i am pritty shoor he wuz ekspekting to see a post inspired by overinduldjense in eggy nutmeggy gudness!!! ha ha ok bye


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  3. Thank you! Ethel is VERY loved. If only she would see the bowl as half full instead of half empty. Come to think of it, she’s always complaining that she’s going to become dehydrated because her water bowl isn’t full enough.


  4. Love her tummy! Did they really think she was being starved? One of my cats in the past, Mama. She was a feral that City Critters rescued and we took her in. She had a huge hernia on her side and she was very skittish. One day her eyes were dilated and she wanted food but was very confused etc – walking in circles, like all her signals were off in her body. We rushed her to emergency and they were hounding me like we were abusing her, kept questioning about the giant hernia like we gave it to her. They didn’t believe that we adopted her that way. It was a rough few days. After speaking with my local vet – she told me that it’s probably a brain tumor by listening to Mama’s symptoms and the key was her eyes were fully dilated. My vet called them up – yelled at them for pushing us to get an MRI (we didn’t) and making us feel like crap if we didn’t do it. I knew that night when I visited her that it was time to put her to sleep because she started to seize repeatedly. I miss Mama. She was a real good cat (#13, we had a lot of cats) and didn’t live with us that long.


    • I’m so sorry Eggnog didn’t see your comment!! She’s new to this whole blogging thing and doesn’t exactly know what she’s doing. This is such a sad story about Mama. And the staff at the emergency clinic sound awful. I think sometimes that people that work with animals see such terrible things they can be a little too quick to jump to conclusions. They were wrong to treat you like that! Mama was very lucky to have found you and spend the time she had with you receiving love and good care. You did a very good thing taking her in!


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