Hello? I don’t see the Skype.

steve-12_profile-circleMy name’s Steve. I’m not sure if I logged into the right website. I’m trying to get onto a website called Skype. But I think I’m in the wrong place.

Earlier today with my sister Carol’s help, I set up my profile on POF – Plenty of Felines. [I’m not looking for anything serious. Steve can’t be owned.] I’m not as familiar as Carol when it comes to computers. She’s always on this thing and I have no idea why. We’re cats. We should be napping in a patch of sunlight, dreaming about all the birds we would kill if our moms would let us outside.

Steve_POF2Anyway, after Carol helped me with my profile, I got lots of “matches.” It was awesome to see all these fine felines – until Willow’s picture came up. I had to look twice. I couldn’t believe my eyes. TOTAL SHOCK! I am SO mad! What is he doing on POF? He never told me he wanted to see other cats. (Yes, I made a POF profile, but that’s beside the point. He shouldn’t be on there. This had better be a mistake!)

It’s really cold outside, so Willow’s mom is making him stay inside today which means he won’t be coming over to our house to stalk our bird feeders. Man, does that make LOUD Mom mad!!. She was home sick the last two days and chased Willow off several times, running out into the yard wearing her robe and ugly slippers with her hair sticking up all over the place. I wouldn’t be caught dead looking that way! She’s serious about these birds. It’s weird to me. I could understand her not wanting Willow to catch the birds because she wanted to eat them herself, but protecting them? Absurd. What a waste of energy.

But back to Willow. Carol suggested that I “Skype” with him to find out what’s going on. But I’m really starting to think this isn’t the Skype. I keep typing things on Little Mom’s keyboard, but Willow’s not coming up. Carol said there would be a “Call” button on the screen, and I don’t see that anywhere on here. She said I could use the mouse (?!?!) to click the button, but there’s no button and this “mouse” doesn’t make sense to me. You certainly can’t eat it, so what’s it good for?

I guess I’d better go get Carol to see if she can help me. Or maybe I’ll take a nap. Steve needs to get some rest before his afternoon workout. This body doesn’t build itself.

5 thoughts on “Hello? I don’t see the Skype.

    • Thanks, Sammy. I just woke up from my nap, and Carol’s busy keeping tabs on the old ladies, so it’ll be awhile before I try that Skype thing again. I’m glad to hear that you don’t get the deal with this so-called mouse either. Makes me think humans aren’t as smart as they think they are!


    • Excuse me for the delay, I was napping. I heard somewhere that the body builds muscle while you sleep, so I try to get plenty. It’s not easy, but so far I think it’s working. Thank you for your well wishes!

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