The final Coke.

steve-12_profile-circleSteve here. You’re lucky I’m able to blog after the near miss we had the other day! And Carol’s lucky I think quick on my paws!

Hearing what was going down with our moms seeing Ethel’s terrifying, bare-all pictures for Arnold on the computer, and knowing Carol was frozen in fear on LOUD Mom’s lap unable to react, I used my street smarts to think fast and create a diversion.

How, you ask? I made a running leap, pounced on Ethel, and rolled her around a few times to get her good and mad! Fur flew everywhere and Ethel wailed as though I was killing her, causing all three of our humans to come running.  Continue reading

Almost (but not) Famous.

Recently my sister Ethel was featured on Katzenworld’s Tummy Rub Tuesday, and since then she’s been insufferable. (She’s hard enough to deal with most days – and not just because my pathetic brother Steve enjoys aggravating her.) When I received the notification that Eggnog’s post about Ethel was being highlighted on Katzenworld, I worried that we would face the wrath of Ethel because the photo of her was so unflattering.

imageBut Ethel could have cared less – all she saw was a chance at bright lights and the big city, whatever that means. She kicked Violet off of the best cat bed and thinks the paparazzi are going to descend on our house any minute. We live in Paris… Kentucky! There’s no reasoning with her, though. She considers this her opportunity to have the singing career she thinks she deserves. (Steve just looked over my shoulder and said that if Ethel ever becomes famous, then he “deserves” to have his Plenty of Felines profile put on a billboard to let every cat out there see what a catch he is. Ugh…)

So, Ethel’s back to pestering me about using my blog to pursue her singing aspirations. Continue reading