Vive la Revolution! But I need my Prozac first.

Walter-10_profileHello, I’m Carol’s brother, Walter. You probably know me already. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately and find myself getting a little down. Mostly I can’t figure out why it is that humans love cats so much more than dogs? Carol has a blog and humans actually read it. Have you really thought about that, dear human?!

Just a few internet searches and one quickly sees that cats are everywhere. An article in The Guardian says that cats are more popular because dogs “are trying too hard.” The article went on to say that dogs are “desperately trying to impress you – longing for your validation and approval,” whereas cats’ behavior is “cool, and effortless, and devoid of any concern about what you might think.”

Am I trying too hard? What will it take to get you to like me more than Carol?


Do you see what I mean???

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Walter vs. The Life Coach: The deconstruction of Steve

No word from Mr. Maury. I really hope he’ll have Willow on his show so we can get down to the bottom of who is the father [or are the fathers?] of Marmalade’s kittens!

In the meantime, Baby Girl’s been spending a lot of time at our window brushing up on her Life Coaching skills. Between Steve obsessing about getting Willow back, Violet’s food obsessions, and Ethel’s quashed singing aspirations, she has her paws full.

Baby Girl brought Ethel a copy of a book called “The Secret” and told Ethel that, if she does everything the book says, her singing career will come to her. Ethel’s had her nose in the book all weekend. At least it’s keeping her quiet!! I wonder if I read that book if I can “will” the General to stay off of my favorite sleeping spots? Maybe I’ll ask to borrow the book when Ethel’s done with it.


Ethel ponders the awe-inspiring potential of The Secret.

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Walter’s Lost His Marbles (and I think I can find them)

My brother Walter just got back from “analysis.” I want to know what he does there! Around the house, Walter’s always a nervous wreck. It totally gets on my nerves. Gets on EVERYONE’s nerves…except maybe Ethel, who is too busy hating Steve to be bothered by Walter.

I think Walter’s nerves scare even Walter himself. When it’s time to go outside or even for a walk, he cowers like someone’s going to give him a swift kick. Steve calls him pathetic. (As if he has room to talk.) What furry beast doesn’t like Continue reading