(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Sequoia-02_profile-circleSteve MUST go. He’s a no-good, two-timing, double-crossing miscreant. I knew it the day I met him. I saw right through him and his “dumb” act. He may have everyone else snowed – especially Carol – but I KNOW. I’m onto him. And his stealing MY commercial right out from under me is the last straw. 


Ever since the letter from Eli Lilly came wanting to use him [and NOT me!] in their advertisements, he’s been strutting around the house making everyone poke his abs to see how hard they are. Flaunting his treachery without even a hint of shame. How dare he! Continue reading

Born again?

Eggnog put me on notice: Calm the chaos or she’s telling our moms on me and my blog. [New to my blog? Click here for a quick recap to get you up to date!] To be honest, things have gotten so crazy that I feel completely out of control. That’s where Baby Girl from across the street comes in.

We were having one of our typical chats through the door when I told Baby Girl about Eggnog’s ultimatum. Baby Girl said she had the perfect solution. She told me that, in order to get what she called “Continuing Education Credits” to maintain her Life Coaching certification, she recently took a class on “Rebirthing.” Baby Girl thought this would be the perfect opportunity for her to put her new skill to work.


Of course I was a little apprehensive because earlier in the week Walter told me he had some concerns about Baby Girl’s therapeutic exercises. So I had a list of questions for Baby Girl: Continue reading