For your eyes only.

carol-05_profile-circleI have trouble to report. Last night LOUD Mom got the computer out to work on a chapter she’s writing for an archaeology book. When she went to turn it on, she noticed the computer was only in sleep mode. As she typed in the password, I ran to the desk and lunged for the keyboard. Maybe I could shut the computer off before she woke it up!

But it didn’t work. She caught me and put me in her lap, then proceeded typing. Up came the Skype window in all its glory. LOUD Mom yelled to Little Mom and asked her if she’d been using Skype earlier and could she close the program? Waiting with bated breath, I hoped LOUD Mom would just close the window without looking too closely. But of course not.

In walks Little Mom saying she hadn’t been on the computer in several days. Looking over LOUD Mom’s shoulder, they stared blankly at the Skype window with Ethel’s calls to Arnold, The General’s calls to Uncle Waldo, and, yes, Eggnog’s calls to Snoop Dogg.


“What on Earth is this?” LOUD Mom inquired. “I have no idea,” replied Little Mom. “Is that Snoop Dogg??” Continue reading