The final Coke.

steve-12_profile-circleSteve here. You’re lucky I’m able to blog after the near miss we had the other day! And Carol’s lucky I think quick on my paws!

Hearing what was going down with our moms seeing Ethel’s terrifying, bare-all pictures for Arnold on the computer, and knowing Carol was frozen in fear on LOUD Mom’s lap unable to react, I used my street smarts to think fast and create a diversion.

How, you ask? I made a running leap, pounced on Ethel, and rolled her around a few times to get her good and mad! Fur flew everywhere and Ethel wailed as though I was killing her, causing all three of our humans to come running.  Continue reading

OG in the house.

Boy has it been crazy around here the past few weeks! I’ve hardly had time to play with my track ball, stalk bugs, or nap in the window, let alone blog.

With the help of our brother, The General (a born digger), Eggnog unearthed her wardrobe from her days as successful rap artist.


Since then she’s been schooling Steve on how to walk and talk like, well, an early-2000s rap artist. Let’s just say he’s not a natural. Continue reading

Creekview Story, Part III

I’m back! I tell you, I don’t like sharing my blog with the furry beasts for this Wordless Wednesday thing my sister Eggnog cooked up. Now Sherman is talking about starting his own blog. What a terrible idea!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the information my neighbor, Baby Girl, shared with me about her brother, Willow, thinking Steve looked F-I-N-E in his gang initiation outfit for the Springhill Ballers.


Continue reading