We (don’t) have it in the bag?

As many of you know, cats in my house do not get treats. Once upon a time we did. But then my sister, Ethel, was diagnosed with food allergies and the treats stopped. Our moms cited the expense of the food, and fairness, as reasons for halting treat distribution. For a time they tried to pass off pieces of her allergen food as “special treats,” but we’re not stupid.

So you can imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I was contacted by Gwen, owner of The Sugar Ship (www.thesugarship.com), who felt deeply about our plight and wanted to send a tote of treats and toys just for us cats!! Not knowing necessary details (like my address), I referred Gwen to Little Mom.

The postal carrier (and arch nemesis of Eggnog-y Nogg) delivered the package while my moms were at work. I sat by the door all day in anticipation.


My moms would want me to ask you to please excuse the dirty windows. Cleaning day is two days away. I really hate cleaning day.

Little Mom brought in the package, sat it on the desk, and walked away. Continue reading

The Ultimate Squirming Championship

Sherman’s decided that maybe if he can lose weight on his own, our moms won’t make him participate in the vet’s Biggest Loser challenge. Of course he’s not foregone his wet food and he DEFINITELY hasn’t given up his chewies. He also poopooed my suggestion of a family fitness regimen. Instead, he’s opting to increase his activity level by tormenting Walter.

In all fairness, Sherman calls it play. And I think that’s what Walter calls it, too… for the most part.


Walter attempts to surrender, but Sherman goes in for the takedown.

Besides, Walter has a lot of nervous energy to get out Continue reading