“Me” time

As I feared, Ethel’s show was a total bust. Only two cats came – Baby Girl and Bubbles. Evidently her success is limited to the internet.

Needless to say, the mood in the house has not been good. Ethel refuses to come out of her room. Just a glance in her direction and she lashes out. Poor Violet is bearing the brunt of her anger.

I’m trying to steer clear. Frankly, I’m tired of all the drama around here. For right now I just want to be a cat. I need to do me.

So I’m focusing on activities we cats enjoy:


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General Sherman’s March to the Sheets

I don’t pay much mind to my furry beast of a brother Sherman (aka The General). The only time I worry myself with him is when he joins Walter in a game of chase with me as the prey. Otherwise we keep to ourselves.

But today I’ve had it. Sherman’s managed to seize ALL of my favorite sleeping spots. It started with the bed. It’s embarrassing to admit, but Steve and I snuggle on the bed in the winter to keep warm.


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