Creekview Story, Part III

I’m back! I tell you, I don’t like sharing my blog with the furry beasts for this Wordless Wednesday thing my sister Eggnog cooked up. Now Sherman is talking about starting his own blog. What a terrible idea!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the information my neighbor, Baby Girl, shared with me about her brother, Willow, thinking Steve looked F-I-N-E in his gang initiation outfit for the Springhill Ballers.


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Creekview Story, Part II

[New to my blog or missed last Friday’s post? You might want to read this first.]

Well, I’m afraid I was unsuccessful in deterring Steve from joining the Springhill Ballers. I warned him that his new friend Gus, leader of the Ballers, has a checkered past which could spell trouble. But Steve didn’t care. All he was worried about was finding the right outfit for his initiation.


After trying on too many of Ethel’s costumes to count, looking through countless issues of our moms’ Vogue Knitting, and scouring Ravelry, Steve finally settled on what he thought was the perfect outfit. He even used our moms’ Amazon Prime account to order it so he’d have it in time for his initiation. I hope I’m there when our moms see THAT mystery charge!

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