Operation Acorn

I guess peace and quiet can only last so long. Especially when you live in my house.

I love my brother, Steve, but boy does he wear me out! Last week the guys in the Springhill Ballers started questioning his “street cred,” which had him all twisted in knots. They said he was too soft [which he took as a not-so-veiled insult to his abs] and cared more about looking tough than being tough [true and true].

Would you call this tough?

Would you call this tough?

I told Steve not to sweat it. As Baby Girl’s mentor, Gwyneth Paltrow, sagely says, Continue reading

OG in the house.

Boy has it been crazy around here the past few weeks! I’ve hardly had time to play with my track ball, stalk bugs, or nap in the window, let alone blog.

With the help of our brother, The General (a born digger), Eggnog unearthed her wardrobe from her days as successful rap artist.


Since then she’s been schooling Steve on how to walk and talk like, well, an early-2000s rap artist. Let’s just say he’s not a natural. Continue reading

Creekview Story

While Steve and I were hunkered down in the laundry basket Sunday, I asked him about this “initiation” he mentioned and why he needed a special outfit. After all, his looking for an outfit amongst Ethel’s costumes was the reason we were hiding from her.


Here Steve and I are hiding while Ethel stood guard outside the hamper!

Steve said that with the warm weather and windows open, he’d met a new neighborhood cat named Gus. Gus lives on the street behind us, Springhill Drive. Gus even brought over some of his friends to meet Steve.

I’m glad to hear that Steve’s making new friends. After his tumultuous break-up with Willow, and the way Basil Worthington threw him to the curb, Steve deserves finding a little happiness. Even if he does get on my nerves sometimes. Continue reading