Let there be light!

So far I don’t particularly care for sharing my blog with my siblings, but, as I have no choice, I may as well accept my situation. As they say, no sense meowing over spilt milk. Lap it up and move on.

Last night I overheard my moms talking about my person that’s away at college coming home for something called “Spring Break.” They were making plans and discussing getting her room ready for her return.

I could hardly contain my enthusiasm! This was my chance to get back in her room! I hardly slept a wink all night.

In the morning I followed LOUD Mom upstairs and watched as she opened the door. Continue reading

An open letter to my person that’s away at college.

Please come home and open your bedroom door. I know you have lots of studying to do and friends to hang out with at school. And I don’t want to be any trouble to you. Our moms are always talking about how important it is for you to focus on your schoolwork and make new friends. But I promise opening your door won’t take long.


I’m sure one of our moms will happily bring you home to open the door for me. Continue reading

Let it snow.

All of this cold weather and snow we’re getting has made for great bird watching! I have to be very still or else they all fly away. I don’t know why they’re so scared – it’s not like I can get to them with this darn window in my way.


My view this morning. So many finches.

Watching the birds has the added benefit of giving me a break from the goings-on around here. Don’t worry – I’m not abandoning my responsibility to keep an eye on things! I take that task VERY seriously. But sometimes a cat needs some “me” time.

Especially with Sherman’s fretting all weekend. He went to the groomer on Saturday to have his hair trimmed and when he got home, looking rather silly if I may say so myself, the vet’s office called. Continue reading

A bag full of mixed nuts

Eggnog-06_profile-circleI’ve been biting my tongue, but someone needs to speak up, so I guess, yet again, it’s going to be me. Carol already thinks I’m a goody two-shoes anyway. This whole blog thing Carol started has careened out of control. We were a nice, quiet household until her blog. Just three dogs, four cats, two moms, and a person who abandoned us to go to college. But now we’re stuck in a soap opera. Let me sum up how ridiculous life in the “not-so-fast-lane,” as Carol puts it, has become: Continue reading

Notes for a brand-new view


You can almost HEAR Ethel through this picture. Someday I’ll get a recording for you!

Our moms came home [with the furry beasts, unfortunately] and so far they haven’t taken us to The Pound. I probably should have listened to Violet and not let Ethel get me so worked up. It’s just that Violet’s so quiet and Ethel is, well, so LOUD. (Even louder than my Loud Mom… by several decibels!)

Anyway, Violet suggested I try to get “centered” and find my “inner peace” so that I don’t get so caught up in Ethel’s negativity. [Walter’s therapist suggested he meditate to find his inner peace. Continue reading