Calgon, take me away. (But NOT to a bath!)

Hello, my friends. In case you’ve forgotten me (I hope you haven’t!), my name is Carol and this is my blog. I take my responsibility to share my observations with you very seriously, and I’ve been woefully negligent. For that I apologize.

It’s just that life on Creekview Drive has been more hectic than usual. Believe me, I’ve been making observations – I’ve just failed on the sharing part. Continue reading

On Golden Paw

carol-05_profile-circleI’m finally back – on MY OWN blog. I was concerned that Sherman was trying to overthrow me, but as my trusted adviser, Deb, pointed out, Sherman is experiencing a crisis with his troops. His focus is on taking care of their needs, not taking over my blog. I hope Deb’s right!

What’s made matters worse is that when Sherman’s not on the computer, Ethel insists she needs it. And I’m NOT taking her on. No way. That old bat scares me.


Would you challenge THIS?

But why does Ethel need to be online all of a sudden? Before I taught her enough to write a blog post, she could barely even turn on the computer! Now, suddenly, she’s a whiz?

It was my brother, Steve, who first noticed Ethel’s change in behavior. Continue reading

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Sappho-02_profile-circleWelcome to Carol’s blog. Thank you for visiting. My name is Violet and I am Carol’s eldest sister. Eggnog asked me to host this week’s Wordless Wednesday, in spite of Sherman’s protests. Unlike kids these days, I’m not very keen on using the computer – especially with my poor eyesight and arthritis – but since Eggnog so graciously asked, I obliged.

As I approach my 19th birthday, I find myself reflecting on life, and so I thought I might take this opportunity to put pen to paper. Or, more accurately, paw to keyboard.

This is one of my favorites, sophisticated yet silly.

My awkward teenage years.

When I was a kitten, the world was a much different place. For starters, cats didn’t have blogs. Continue reading