Desperately Seeking Simplicity

The General has been one giant GRUMP since his chewies were confiscated.


Evidently dogs on diets don’t get donuts chewies.

I don’t feel bad for him, though. Where are MY treats?! If being on a diet means not getting any treats, we cats have been on a diet our WHOLE LIVES!

I’m so sick of all the drama around here, anyway. Why can’t I just be a cat? My old lady sister, Violet, is always talking about how back in her day things were simpler. A dropped twisty tie from a loaf of bread was a thrill she could ride high on for minutes on end (or until Little Mom picked it up), a fly in the house provided endless entertainment (until she ate it), and sprawling out in Little Mom’s lap while she read a book was heaven on Earth.

Violet in her carefree and happy youth.

Violet in her carefree and happy youth.

I can hardly imagine a life like that. Instead I have a wanna-be thug brother,


a sister who is a former canine rap icon,


and another brother who’s scared of his own shadow (literally).


Some say that I only have myself to blame for the chaos around me…


Ugh, Ethel.

But who listens to her?

Ethel's boyfriend, Arnold. Yes, he's STILL around.

Ethel’s boyfriend, Arnold. [Yes, he’s STILL around. Glutton for punishment.]

My best friend and mentor, Baby Girl, has been encouraging me to nourish my “Inner Kitten.”


I asked Baby Girl what she meant by that since I’m powerless over what I eat. She said it has nothing to do with feeding my tummy; rather, it’s about feeding my soul.

I’m still confused.

Oh well. In the meantime, I decided to listen to Violet. I’ve taken a break from blogging — since everyone says cats don’t belong on the internet! — and am getting back to the things I enjoyed as a kitten. Like playing with spider crickets.

I think spider crickets like playing with me as much as I like playing with them. They hop around, I bat at them, and they hop around some more. Sure, sometimes they lose a leg or two (or three or four or five), but it’s all in good fun!!


That is, until Little Mom calls LOUD Mom in to “put the disgusting spider cricket out of its misery.” Humans just don’t get it sometimes.

At least the weather’s nice which means my moms are keeping the door to the sunroom open – and opening all of the windows. If I can’t play, at least I can nap in the fresh air and sunshine. I guess life is pretty good after all.

I love it out here!

I love it out here!

23 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Simplicity

  1. “everyone says cats don’t belong on the internet!” Who is ‘everyone’? I recently posted an info-graphic which proclaimed that Cats Ruled the Internet.
    BTW, welcome back. I missed your commentary.

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  2. Sounds like it’s been fairly PEACEFUL around there (but I won’t ask the crickets if they agree with that)…….who cares if some of your fellow residents are grumpy or frightened or WHATEVA…’re happy and isn’t THAT what’s important after all?????

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. Missed you Carol, but everyone needs a blogging break every now and then. The ups and downs of life get in the way all too often so on the point of nourishment for the soul, I finally agree with Baby Girl for once.

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    • Why, thank you! I feel great! And it’s nice to be back on my blog no matter what my brother, Walter, says. I don’t know why I listened to him, anyway. He has a nervous breakdown when a piece of poop gets stuck in his fur!

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  4. Carol I’ve missed you! Welcome back and whoever says cats don’t belong on the internet hasn’t read your blog. I would be heartbroken if you stopped writing. While I want you to explore all your kittenly instincts and fun with crickets I hope you’ll still write. You are so talented. As always I love your photos and updates on your family. 😸

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    • You’re too kind! Thank you so much. I must say that, while getting in touch with my “inner kitten” was refreshing, I missed sharing my many observations with you. Baby Girl says it’s about finding balance, but I’m already VERY good at balancing. You should see me on top of the kitchen cabinets when no one’s looking!


  5. You have a very busy and fulfilling life, Carol. A nice big family (even if they are annoying and who says family isn’t annoying?), weird spider crickets to play with and cool weather to enjoy. It’s a wonderful life being a cat, isn’t it?

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    • Yes, I LOVE being a cat! I can’t imagine being anything else. Except maybe an elephant. Everyone loves elephants. And they’re very intelligent problem solvers. Of course, cats are already intelligent problem solvers, so scratch that. You can’t get much smarter than a cat, even if primates think they have the corner on the smarts market!

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  6. Hellooooo! Glad to see you again! Please feel free to get in touch with Teeger anytime. She is very in tune with her inner kitten. However, she says it’s also rough to be that way when her two feline companions are 12 and 13 years old, and seem to have forgotten ever being a kitten. Holly is cool, and will play, but why is it dogs have to bark all the time when they play? Teeger says it hurts her ears! Anyway, glad you are back.

    Psssst! Rethink the elephant thing. You are right most people do love them, but………you wouldn’t be able to sleep on a chair on the sun porch if you were an elephant. Also, elephants love playing and splashing in water. Do you? And,……………….well…………..not to be indelicate, but………they SMELL!


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