(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Walter-10_profileHello. I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Carol’s brother, Walter. For this Wordless Wednesday guest blog post I thought inviting my sister, Violet, to participate with me would be nice. She’s old and quiet and seems wise. I find her stillness comforting. (Especially in THIS house!) We don’t interact often, but I feel a connection to Violet.


My idea was to have Violet interview me. When I visited her room to offer her this opportunity, she was sleeping. She sleeps a lot. I waited patiently for her to awaken. And waited, and waited, and waited. When she finally awoke, I was so excited that my tail started wagging and I couldn’t help but blurt out the words! I think perhaps I overwhelmed her with my enthusiasm because she blinked a few times, put her head down, and went back to sleep.

All that waiting was making me sooo tired!

All that waiting was making me sooo tired!

Maybe this isn’t going to work. Since I already prepared my questions, I’m going to go ahead and conduct the interview as though Violet was awake. I hope you don’t mind.

VIOLET [if she was awake]: Walter, you seem like such a courageous dog. I often hear you barking in the backyard through the window in my room. You seem to be fighting valiantly. Who are these enemies you keep at bay?

ME [Walter]: Currently, I am waging war against the squirrels. They trespass in our yard, then run when they catch sight of me, climbing trees and power lines like cowards.


Here I have one cornered!

But there are other threats to our territory – the biggest [literally and figuratively] being the neighbor. In the three years I have been alive, he has not dared to cross the boundary into our yard, but I suspect that’s due to my [and Eggnog’s] tireless defense. I am certain he is plotting sinister schemes.

VIOLET: Walter, you have such long, skinny legs that seem to go unappreciated by the others. What do you see as the advantages of having long stick legs?

ME [Walter]: What an excellent question, Violet. I must say that my legs are quite advantageous. As opposed to a canine like Sherman, who has short, squat legs, I run quickly and can turn on a dime. Sometimes I even run on three legs just to turn faster and more sharply! I’d like to see Sherman do that! [Sorry, General, no offense. I forgot you sometimes run on three legs because of your gimpy back leg. You say it’s an old war injury, but I’m not so certain.] My stick legs also allow me to stretch taller, which means I have an easier time getting our humans’ attention when I want them to play fetch with me or pick me up.

See how high I can stretch!

See how high I can stretch!

VIOLET: Walter, are you as anxious as our brothers and sisters and moms say? Perhaps you are just smarter than them and they’re mistaking your intellectual curiosity for anxiety?

ME [Walter]: Why, thank you, Violet. You’re too kind. At least I think you are. You meant that about me being smart, right? You weren’t just poking fun at me because you, too, think I’m neurotic?! Wait, technically I asked the question because you’re sleeping, so of course you meant it. Okay, we’re good. Thank you!

VIOLET: Walter, of everyone here, who loves you best?

ME [Walter]: My person that’s away at college [but thankfully home for the summer] of course! I am undoubtedly her favorite.

My person that's away at college [but home for the summer] makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!

My person that’s away at college [but home for the summer] makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!

I, Walter, would like to thank Violet for conducting such an informative, interesting, and thorough interview. I’m sorry she didn’t wake up to hear it!

39 thoughts on “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Walter, you would love my yard. We have squirrels running back and forth along our fences all day. I have a question for you. Do your long stick legs ever encounter issues when you jump? I know a dog a lot like you who gets extremely excited when she plays fetch and often seems to twist and/or hurt her own long stick legs when she jumps for her toys. Do you have any suggestions regarding correct jumping form that might help her?

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    • Hello, Deb! Who defends your yard from these invading squirrels? Surely not Snowflake!

      As for my stick legs, I am fortunate to not experience any injuries, particularly considering the acrobatics I engage in when sparring with The General, so I do not have any helpful advice. I do suggest stretching often – maybe that will help?!


      • Thanks for the stretching advice Walter. We do try to warm up with some ground level short runs prior to the leaping. And no, Snowflake only has eyes for one Tom cat who likes to visit and who she hates with a passion. At moments when the cat is near she is much like your sister Ethel I fear. So our squirrels run amok and enjoy their freedom quite liberally. If you’re ever in my neighborhood, please stop by and exercise your defense system all you like.

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      • Warming up is excellent! And if I find myself in your neck of the woods, I’ll happily provide security services. I’ll even perform a needs assessment free of charge!

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      • P’fff what would a mere cat know about a stupendous dogs good looks …PS please don’t let Neurotic Cat know what I said, she would have my head on a plate for such a blasphemous remark
        Love Big Oscar x

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  2. Well done interview……the best interviews are those we conduct ourselves. We can ask the right questions and certainly provide the right answers! Bravo…….Walter, don’t let anyone make fun of your long stick legs. They put you up above the crowd – closer to things like food, snacks, treats, and human adoration, i.e., pets. Violet – you missed out on everything but that’s OK – Walter did a good job being you AND himself which is NOT easy unless of course you’re a multiple personality…..hmm….now there’s some food for thought!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Thank you, Sammy! Conducting an interview of yourself isn’t as easy as it sounds – it can be a little confusing, as you may have surmised.

      I certainly hope I do not have multiple personalities – the one I’m aware of is hard enough to keep up with as it is!!! Perhaps I should touch on this subject at my next psychoanalysis session.


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  4. What a fascinating interview, Walter. Perhaps this could become a series?
    I must say I am rather envious of your long legs. Do they enable you to reach food that is on the table? Sometimes my People eat scallops without giving me any. If I were just a little taller, I think I could reach the table and just serve myself.


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