(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Finally, the recognition that I deserve.

– Ethel


Dear Ethel,

Hello. My name is Lou and I work for a company called Procter & Gamble. I found you through your sister Carol’s delightful blog! Continue reading

A Tribute to My Troops

Sherman-01_profileHello, this is The General. If you’ve followed recent events here, you’re aware of the valiant effort my troops sustained to keep my sister, Ethel, out of our person that’s away at college’s bedroom. You also know that their effort was for naught thanks to human intervention [i.e., LOUD Mom carrying Ethel to the room herself]. In thanks for their selflessness, Carol asked me to dedicate a guest blog post to my troops. 

I would like to introduce to you some of the bravest soldiers amongst my ranks. Their sacrifice and bravery in the face of a formidable foe [i.e., Ethel] are remarkable.

Sergeant Dan


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The Siege at Creekview Drive

carol-05_profile-circleI’m back! Our moms went on vacation and took my computer with them. I would have used our person that’s away at college [but home for the summer]’s fancy computer, but if you remember my last post – from eons ago – our sister, Ethel, has laid claim to our person’s bedroom and won’t let me in!

You see, our plan to fortify the staircase with The General’s troops to keep Ethel out of our person that’s away at college’s bedroom was a complete failure.

Fortunately for The General, his forces sustained no losses, though there were a number of casualties. Unfortunately, Ethel is still occupying the room and keeping all of us out!

Ethel on her

This should be ME.

I’m sure you’re wondering, with such thoughtful strategizing, how did Ethel manage? It’s embarrassing to admit, but she outwitted all of us. Continue reading

The Battle of Bull(y) Run

carol-05_profile-circleMy brother, Walter, is one strange bird interviewing himself like that [click here if you missed his guest blog post]. But I suppose that should come as no surprise. Our neighbor, Baby Girl, is still working with my sister, Ethel, on this whole meditation thing. I think she should just give up, but Baby Girl says, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Where does she come up with this stuff?! She’s just SO smart.

The problem is that Ethel now insists that she must meditate in our person that’s away at college [but home for the summer]’s bedroom. Alone. All of the time. Ethel says the room has the best natural daylight and most spirit lifting colors. Continue reading

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Walter-10_profileHello. I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Carol’s brother, Walter. For this Wordless Wednesday guest blog post I thought inviting my sister, Violet, to participate with me would be nice. She’s old and quiet and seems wise. I find her stillness comforting. (Especially in THIS house!) We don’t interact often, but I feel a connection to Violet.


My idea was to have Violet interview me. When I visited her room to offer her this opportunity, she was sleeping. She sleeps a lot. I waited patiently for her to awaken. And waited, and waited, and waited. When she finally awoke, Continue reading