The final Coke.

steve-12_profile-circleSteve here. You’re lucky I’m able to blog after the near miss we had the other day! And Carol’s lucky I think quick on my paws!

Hearing what was going down with our moms seeing Ethel’s terrifying, bare-all pictures for Arnold on the computer, and knowing Carol was frozen in fear on LOUD Mom’s lap unable to react, I used my street smarts to think fast and create a diversion.

How, you ask? I made a running leap, pounced on Ethel, and rolled her around a few times to get her good and mad! Fur flew everywhere and Ethel wailed as though I was killing her, causing all three of our humans to come running.  Continue reading

For your eyes only.

carol-05_profile-circleI have trouble to report. Last night LOUD Mom got the computer out to work on a chapter she’s writing for an archaeology book. When she went to turn it on, she noticed the computer was only in sleep mode. As she typed in the password, I ran to the desk and lunged for the keyboard. Maybe I could shut the computer off before she woke it up!

But it didn’t work. She caught me and put me in her lap, then proceeded typing. Up came the Skype window in all its glory. LOUD Mom yelled to Little Mom and asked her if she’d been using Skype earlier and could she close the program? Waiting with bated breath, I hoped LOUD Mom would just close the window without looking too closely. But of course not.

In walks Little Mom saying she hadn’t been on the computer in several days. Looking over LOUD Mom’s shoulder, they stared blankly at the Skype window with Ethel’s calls to Arnold, The General’s calls to Uncle Waldo, and, yes, Eggnog’s calls to Snoop Dogg.


“What on Earth is this?” LOUD Mom inquired. “I have no idea,” replied Little Mom. “Is that Snoop Dogg??” Continue reading

I won’t let this go to my head….

versatie-blogger-bigThank you so much to Spence’s Girl for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! I am so very honored. I have an Awards page where I usually post my awards, but with a little spare time on my paws, I thought I’d give this award its own post.

My brother, Sherman, tried to claim half of my Versatile Blogger Award for himself, but I told him that when he gets his own blog, he can have his own awards! Plus, I remember what Baby Girl told me about not letting boys boss you around!! I’m my own boss!

In order to accept this award, I must give seven facts about myself. Seven?! I asked my neighbor Baby Girl for input – she’s so smart – and she told me that if I meditated daily like her guru Gwyneth Paltrow, I would be Continue reading

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Sherman-01_profileHello, this is The General. Carol reported to me that many of you are asking for updates on the status of my request for the Joint Chiefs of the Household Headquarters to relocate my troop basket.

After a surprisingly brief discussion on the sofa, while also knitting and watching a true-crime HBO documentary, the Joint Chiefs made a decision. Citing the tendency of the troops to spill out of their basket and clog up the entry way, Little Mom suggested moving them to a more “out of the way” location. Out of the way?! Frankly, I find such callous disregard for my soldiers’ contributions offensive!

Then, LOUD Mom had the audacity to suggest they sort through my troops and GET RID OF the ones I don’t use!!! Continue reading

On Golden Paw

carol-05_profile-circleI’m finally back – on MY OWN blog. I was concerned that Sherman was trying to overthrow me, but as my trusted adviser, Deb, pointed out, Sherman is experiencing a crisis with his troops. His focus is on taking care of their needs, not taking over my blog. I hope Deb’s right!

What’s made matters worse is that when Sherman’s not on the computer, Ethel insists she needs it. And I’m NOT taking her on. No way. That old bat scares me.


Would you challenge THIS?

But why does Ethel need to be online all of a sudden? Before I taught her enough to write a blog post, she could barely even turn on the computer! Now, suddenly, she’s a whiz?

It was my brother, Steve, who first noticed Ethel’s change in behavior. Continue reading