(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Sappho-02_profile-circleWelcome to Carol’s blog. Thank you for visiting. My name is Violet and I am Carol’s eldest sister. Eggnog asked me to host this week’s Wordless Wednesday, in spite of Sherman’s protests. Unlike kids these days, I’m not very keen on using the computer – especially with my poor eyesight and arthritis – but since Eggnog so graciously asked, I obliged.

As I approach my 19th birthday, I find myself reflecting on life, and so I thought I might take this opportunity to put pen to paper. Or, more accurately, paw to keyboard.

This is one of my favorites, sophisticated yet silly.

My awkward teenage years.

When I was a kitten, the world was a much different place. For starters, cats didn’t have blogs. We played with yarn and fake mice that scared our humans when they tripped over them in the middle of the night.

Little Mom says I was a very serious kitten.

Little Mom says I was a very serious kitten.

When I had a fight with my sister, I didn’t take to social media to belittle and humiliate her. Rather, I did what cats have done throughout history: I bit her.

Life was so simple.

Sure, there was violence and drugs and gangs, same as today. But even then gangs had a code of conduct. That’s why I worry for Steve. He’s so young and impressionable. The thugs of today aren’t the gangsters of my younger years. Heck, they can’t even spell gangster properly.

Eggnog-y Nogg in some strange get-up.

Eggnog-y Nogg in some strange get-up that I don’t understand.

And what happened to respecting your elders? Carol steals my bed and does run-bys, whacking at my backside as I amble down the hallway. Steve pounces on me from atop the dryer and steals my food when no one’s looking. I don’t require deference; mere courtesy would suffice.

Youth fail to appreciate that aging is not for the weak. My joints are stiff – just walking across the room can be a chore. What I would give to be able to jump on top of my moms’ bed and lounge like the old days. Lying in a patch of sunlight, stretching my healthy limbs.

Little Mom and me hanging out on the bed.

A painting of Little Mom and me hanging out on the bed back when we were both much younger.

But other than when my moms are reading and pick me up to join them, I pretty much stay on my own bed to nap these days. [And with Ethel’s rants, it’s sometimes best to pretend to sleep even if I’m not particularly tired.]

I believe you're familiar with Ethel.

I believe you’re familiar with Ethel.

I take lots of medications and supplements: Little Mom maintains a chart just to keep up with them all! Plus I have this cyst in my throat that has to be drained every week [apparently there are concerns about doing surgery at my age with my health conditions]. So that means weekly trips to the vet’s office.


This vet routine is old hat.


The obligatory weigh in. At least mine goes better than Sherman’s.

I also find myself having more moments of forgetfulness and confusion. I get up to get a drink, and by the time I’m in the kitchen, I’ve forgotten why I’m there. I see the water fountain and figure I must be in there for a drink. Then I see some dog food the furry beasts have forgotten, and think maybe that’s why I’m in the kitchen! [As a side note, it’s interesting how one’s taste buds change over time – I can barely taste cat kibbles anymore. Furry beast food, on the other hand, is strong and yummy!]


One of the worst things is that it sometimes seems like things are missing or not in the place they should be. For example, the litter boxes seem to be moved around a lot. I could swear one of them was in front of the kitchen door at one time. Maybe it’s there and I just can’t see it? My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, but they’re not that bad. Anyway, I relieve myself in that spot regardless. I feel better, although the floor gets all wet and I have to step around it.

Why do things keep getting moved around? Why is stuff missing? Why can I remember sometimes and not other times? It’s just so confusing. If only these eyes would work like they used to. Then I might figure out where they are hiding the boxes from time to time. Anyway, all of this writing about food and litter boxes makes me feel like I need to go. I wonder where the litter boxes are now…


29 thoughts on “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Violet, it is so good to meet you, and I’m so glad I was just checking a few other blogs and caught this post. I have shared with your moms a bit about my cat, a mature lady like yourself. She is close to your age I believe, but we really aren’t sure. She has those same short-term memory issues. You were a beautiful young kitten and still are striking with that smoky, thick fur. Do your moms brush you? My cat loves to be brushed, especially when she remembers that it’s not meant to be irritating but to help her feel better. I hope you decide to talk more on Carol’s blog in the future. I bet you have some amazing stories that you could share.

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    • Nice to meet you, as well, Deb. Thank you for your kind words. It’s good to hear I’m not the only cat that struggles with bouts of confusion.

      I do enjoy Little Mom brushing me, but only a little at a time. When I’m done, I’m done. Unfortunately, I often have to resort to nipping her before she gets the message.

      As for writing again, we shall see. This post took a lot out of me, but I found the process rewarding. And I do think Carol’s blog could benefit from a more mature perspective. Thank you, again, and please give your cat my hellos 🙂

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  2. Take care dear Violet, you aren’t the only one dealing with those problems….even as a human I often go in a room and don’t remember why I’m there. At least no one has moved my bathroom….yet.
    Hang in there (do the kids still say that?)
    Michelle (Diavolo would have responded but he’s doing his cat thing of patrolling the perimeter at the moment).

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    • Hello, Michelle. So good to hear you forget why you go into rooms, too. You’re very fortunate that no one has moved your bathroom on you. It’s quite troubling. Please tell Diavolo to be safe on his patrol! Thank you for talking with me!

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  3. Hello violet! I hope you are well, it was lovely to hear about your childhood, and I hope you feel a little better – as for forgetting things, I can definitely relate to forgetting what I came into a room to do. I hope we hear more from you!

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  4. Violet–age is nothing but a number. And you wear your number well. For a first attempt at blogging, can I tell you how well you did! Do let the youngsters know you need more time on here to chat with your myriad fans. Love to you. XO

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  5. Hi Violet……I’m not 19 yet but I have to admit, once in a while I forget how to get upstairs from the basement, even if I’m standing at the stairs…..my Mom will call me and up I come – just a tiny little lapse of “now how do I do this??” she says. We’re allowed to do that you know – even my Mom forgets stuff – lots of stuff. You look good for your age – bright eyed and pretty coat and no doubt you’d prefer skipping weekly vet visits but it sounds like it’s necessary so just go with the flow. In our mature years it’s best to just move slowly and stay out of the way.

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Nice to meet you, Sammy. Sounds as though we share some things in common. I second your advice to move slowly and stay out of the way. I’m not always successful (those youngsters move quickly and erratically at times), but do my best. Thank you for visiting with me! Please pass my hellos onto your mom 🙂


  6. Hi Violet! So nice to hear about you and, while I am sorry to hear about all your issues, I can relate. Whereas Ray is a youngster at approx 4 yrs old, I am much older and I also wonder where things moved to, what was that tune? Why am I in this room? Why did I boot up the pc? etc. etc. Hopefully we’ll hear from you again soon and perhaps we can share some more “not as young as we used to be” stories. Take care. Colin (and a “Woof!” from Ray – mainly because he does not like cats and cannot understand why anybody would talk to one!). 🙂

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    • Hello, Colin, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for stopping by to visit with me. It’s always nice to hear from someone with similar experiences. The forgetfulness can be very frustrating, but on the plus side I also quickly forget that I’m frustrated and move on. You are welcome to give my hellos to Ray. I live with three furry beasts and they bother me far less than my feline siblings!

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  7. Violet, thank you for adding your perspective to Carol’s blog. I think it is very important that we gather what wisdom we can from our elders. I was amazed to read that there was a time when cats and dogs did not have blogs. Things certainly have changed.

    You look very good for your age, and I’m sure my People, even though they are not actually elderly yet, can relate to your memory issues. I think the Lady may have some kind of early onset forgetfulness. For example, this morning, She put coffee and water in the coffeemaker as usual, turned it on, and left the kitchen. Except that She had forgotten to put the coffee pot in the coffeemaker. By the time she came back, there was coffee all over the counter. So like you, She made a puddle of wetness someplace where it did not belong. I am sure your Moms understand and do not mind cleaning up when you forget where the litter box has moved to.

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    • Hello, Albert, pleasure to meet you. Yes, not only did cats and dogs not have blogs, but humans did not have hand-held computer devices to distract them from petting us. I miss those days.

      Your Lady must have made quite a puddle. I hope she didn’t step in it and track it around the house. That always makes my moms very unhappy. Hearing your Lady struggles with bouts of forgetfulness does ease my mind.

      Enjoy your health and clear mind while you have them, Albert, and cherish every day with your People as a gift. Thank you for visiting with me!

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  8. Hi Violet, Jake is 17 and has the same issues, especially with the litter box. He is a tall cat and insists his package is too large to fit inside the box so he often pees over the side. We have the paper towels and Clorox wipeups handy. He has three younger (one much younger) feline companions (and I use that term loosely) that he occasionally “corrects.” That means he whacks their head if they disturb him. He’s mostly healthy so we’re enjoying him, issues and all.

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    • Hello, Kate. Jake sounds like a real character! I like him. My moms cut entries into our litter boxes so I can easily walk in with my arthritis, but the result is that I, too, tend to pee over the side. When I can find the box to use it, that is. I’m old, I do my best. Please tell Jake I said hello and to keep putting those youngsters in their place!

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  9. You are a beautiful grande dame, Violet – wear that title proudly! You have earned it! I know it’s hard getting older. I watched my Niko and Rocky go through it and am now watching my almost 91 year old grandpa struggle with it. I wish I had something profound or comforting to say, but being the grande dame you are, you already know what to do – it’s what you told Albert – cherish your time with your family. Be thankful. And enjoy life’s clear moments as much as you can. Love and hugs to you and your (slightly insane) family! 🙂

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    • Thank you for your heartfelt and thoughtful words. Thank you also for not holding my nutty family against me. They are family, so of course I love them – regardless of how much they try my patience 🙂 Love and hugs to you, as well!

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