Creekview Story, Part III

I’m back! I tell you, I don’t like sharing my blog with the furry beasts for this Wordless Wednesday thing my sister Eggnog cooked up. Now Sherman is talking about starting his own blog. What a terrible idea!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the information my neighbor, Baby Girl, shared with me about her brother, Willow, thinking Steve looked F-I-N-E in his gang initiation outfit for the Springhill Ballers.


Evidently Willow’s new boyfriend, Scruffy, caught wind of what Willow said and is NOT happy! I can’t decide whether I should tell Steve in case he’s in danger, or not tell him so he doesn’t get hung up on Willow again?!

Even though the Ballers laughed Steve out of his initiation because of his outfit, Steve still wants to join. Steve’s problem is, they told him not to come back until he dresses appropriately. But if what he wore wasn’t appropriate, what is?!

As luck would have it, our sister, Eggnog, told us that she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to street fashion. Who knew?!

Eggnog said that long before Steve and I came along, she was a canine innovator in the American hip hop and rap genres, recording with some of the biggest names in the industry. Known then as Eggnog-y Nogg, she was the first dog on the music scene. [Unless you count Snoop Dogg, which she doesn’t. Though she says he was one of the many artists with whom she collaborated.]


Eggnog-y Nogg with Snoop Dogg himself.


Eminem can thank Eggnog-y Nogg for his rise to fame: She introduced him to Dr. Dre. She’s also responsible for his friendship with Elton John. Eggnog-y Nogg was sensitive to some of Eminem’s lyrics and thought a mentor-like relationship with Sir Elton John might be beneficial. (Her glasses in this picture were a gift from Sir Elton himself!)

Eggnog regaled us with stories of a life more luxurious than my imagination can fathom. Servants brought fresh salmon flown in from the Pacific Northwest on gold-plated Wedgwood china. She drank Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani” from Waterford Crystal bowls. The only brands she wore were Burberry and Prada and she slept on a Louis Vuitton bed. When she went clubbing or to performances, she was chauffeured in P. Diddy’s Phantom Drophead Coupé Rolls Royce.

After appearing on an episode of MTV’s CRIBS with Ja Rule, Eggnog was asked to host a spinoff – MTV Cribs: Doggy Style. Eggnog said she turned down the offer because she found the title degrading. When I asked what was degrading about it, she scoffed and said I was so naive.

What I don’t get is how being a rap artist gives Eggnog knowledge about gang fashion? Eggnog said that if I’d ever been clubbing with 50 Cent, I’d understand.


Eggnog told Steve and me that she had a catalog of crazy stories she could share, but since there is no statute of limitations on felonies in Kentucky, she’d have to do so off the record. So I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to use your imagination. I’m sworn to secrecy.

But back to Steve’s fashion dilemma. Eggnog offered to style him for his initiation. But she said it would take some time for her to dig up her old wardrobe. Fortunately for Steve, the ground is thawed.

Steve agreed, more out of desperation than trust in Eggnog’s abilities. He’s going to ask Gus, leader of the Springhill Ballers, to give him one more week. Hopefully that’ll be enough time for Eggnog to work her magic.

In the meantime, Eggnog said she’d school Steve on how to carry himself like a thug. So far, Steve’s calling us all “Dogg” [even Ethel!] and walking around with a strange limp that he says is “G”. Last night I overheard Little Mom ask LOUD Mom if she thought they needed to take Steve to the vet for his “gimpy” leg. I don’t think that’s the “G” Steve was going for.

I don’t know about all this. Seems to me that Steve’s schooling is off to a rocky start, but what do I know? I never went clubbing with 50 Cent.

[Did you miss Part I and/or Part II of the Creekview Story? Click here to get caught up: Part I & Part II.]

28 thoughts on “Creekview Story, Part III

    • Hi, Friend, thanks for stopping by! Steve’s not much into rap himself. He’s more of a techno kind of cat. And he loves The Bee Gees. He tries to match Barry Gibb’s falsetto. When Willow dumped him, he played “How Deep Is Your Love” on repeat for days on end. It was exhausting. Anyway, I hope Steve stays out of trouble, too!


  1. p.s. I wanted to help Steve learn the vernacular. Please tell Steve that in order to sound “street”, he should add the word “yo” on to the end of every sentence. For example “word up dog, what time it is, yo? That means good afternoon, could you give me the time? Also, I hear that using the words “dope, ratchet, janky and money” are great phrases to sound cool- ex.The pictures above are dope, yo. (The pictures are so amazing). I was never in a gang, but I did live on the streets for a long time. I learned these words from my old friends, I hope it helps Steve.

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  2. Holy crap Carol…your life is unbelievable…this is Snowflake again by the way…my mom saw the Snoop Dogg album cover with Eggnog and ran off laughing, or choking, or snorting juice in and out of her nose, or something so I had to get out of bed and see what the problem was. My life has never been this dramatic. At the most I’ve had a few run-ins with this skinny boy cat from next door, but now I can’t even drag up any energy to hiss at him. I’ve heard of these things called “reality TV shows,” is your family taking part in one of those? I can’t believe your life is for real.

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    • I hope your mom is okay Snowflake!! Violet tells me things around here are crazy, but it all seems pretty normal to me. About that skinny boy cat… do you know if he’s on Plenty of Felines? Maybe if I could divert Steve’s attention to a new love interest he’d forget about this gang. But then that has its own pitfalls. Plus, if you’re having run-ins with him he must be trouble, because you seem like a very nice cat!

      As for reality shows, we haven’t had any offers. But I wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

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      • Mom has recovered I think Carol, thanks. As to that other cat…I seem to remember him as a kitten being all cute with his tiger stripes, but his parents let him run with a fast crowd all over the neighborhood. He plays innocent, but those silky white paws of his aren’t as clean as he wants you to believe they are. Steve would be in for just as much trouble with this guy so I can’t recommend that they meet, so sorry.

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      • Phew! I’m glad your mom’s okay! Sounds like this other cat is Trouble. I’ll stick with the devil I know. Thanks, again, for visiting and please give your mom my hellos!!


  3. We read part one and two…thanks for the great laugh and we sure hope Somebody is able to help poor Steve. We would not like to see him in a gang…that might not be so good. Hugs and nose kisses

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    • Thanks for reading my posts – I’m glad you enjoyed them! I’m going to talk to Baby Girl and see if she has any ideas to keep Steve from joining the Ballers. Paws crossed that she comes up with something. She is a Certified Life Coach, you know!

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  4. I’m definitely on the side of this issue that votes for “no-gang” for Steve. Seems like it could lead to some dicey situations-yo. I have to say though-yo (haha) that all of this makes my life seem incredibly boring-yo!!

    Hugs-yo, Sam

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    • You seem a little different… Sam? I appreciate your concern for Steve. He could find himself in more than a pickle if he starts hanging out with those thugs more than he does now. Of course he’s very set on joining, and I’m not sure there’s much I can do at this point to dissuade him! Thanks for visiting, yo 🙂


  5. Carol, you’ve really had your paws full – again. And Eggnog’s revelation – who knew? What a past she’s had. With all that input which might give him street red, I still think gang life is not for Steve. He’s looking for love – in all the wrong places…..I think that’s what’s behind his quest for new friends. Baby Girl’s life coaching may help him focus on what’s really important. Good luck and as always, I look forward to your next update! Happy Easter!


  6. Carol, now that we have learned so much about Eggnog’s past, I am curious to know how she fell from such great heights to what is no doubt a comfortable and pleasant but rather less glamorous life. I hope she did not squander all her money on Cristal and Bentleys…

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    • Very astute questions that I’m working on getting to the bottom of answering, Albert. Unless Eggnog cached the money with all of the chewies she’s stolen from Sherman and Walter, I don’t believe there’s a penny left. When I know, you’ll know!

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