(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Walter-10_profileHello, it’s me, Walter. If you’re wondering where Carol’s been, Eggnog changed the password on the computer and won’t tell Carol what it is. Steve’s post about schooling me in how to be sexy was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I suppose it was a little much, though I do think Steve’s intentions were good. As my wise friend Albert said, I’m just not Steve’s brand of sexy.

Steve says the only thing that's sexy in this picture is him.

Steve says the only thing that’s sexy in this picture is him.

But that’s not why I’m writing. Eggnog, Sherman, and I decided that Carol’s not managing her blog very well. So we’re taking over Wednesday’s blog post. That leaves one less post a week for Carol to create chaos and cause dissension.

I did a great deal of research and discovered that many reputable bloggers have what they call a “Wordless Wednesday” post. Maybe if Carol had done something like this, we wouldn’t have been forced to interfere. Less words equals less trouble. But I suspect Carol is incapable of having nothing to say.

So welcome to our first Wordless Wednesday post! Eggnog, Sherman, and I will be taking turns managing the Wordless Wednesday entry. If we’re feeling generous, we may even permit one of the cats [not Carol] to participate.


Me, wordless.

Upon reviewing what I’ve written, however, I see that this is terribly wordy for Wordless Wednesday. That’s rather troubling. I debated deleting the above text, but then how will you know that it’s me – and not Carol – writing this? Now I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to look foolish.

Maybe I should ask Eggnog? But Steve tells me I should be the Pack Leader (not LOUD Mom), and asking my five-pound sister, Eggnog’s, advice doesn’t sound very Pack Leader-ish.

I guess the only solution is to re-name these posts. It’s diverging from what so many highly respectable bloggers do, but we seem to have no choice. So thank you for reading our inaugural (Not So) Wordless Wednesday blog post! We hope you’ll be back!

P.S. I know I’m publishing this post on Tuesday night, but I have to go to bed now and will be in my crate tomorrow while our moms are at work. I refuse to call this post the (Not So) Wordless Wednesday (Technically Still Tuesday) post, though.

24 thoughts on “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great post, Walter. Maybe you could watch Carol and learn how to schedule the post you write on Tuesday so that it’s published in Wednesday. And just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I have to say that many things can make a man sexy. Pack leader status definately helps!

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  2. Walter, I am glad to see you win one for the dogs, and I fully support your (Not So) Wordless Wednesday. But I hope, for the sake of your household, this was not a hostile takeover. I do hope you will not let your new leadership role go to your head.
    I must say I was surprised to hear Carol described as a creator of chaos, since she always seems to depict herself as the calm at the center of the storm. Is it possible that she has been an unreliable narrator all along? I should have known better than to trust a cat.

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    • Never trust a cat, Albert. And thank you for your support. I wouldn’t call this a hostile takeover, but Carol is not happy about Eggnog refusing to give her the password.

      While I’m generally going to side with my canine companions, I am open minded enough to see Carol’s perspective. As with Steve, her intentions seem to be in the right place. But we’re all a little tired of Carol watching our every move. Every time I turn around, there’s Carol with her scratchpad.

      Carol seems to think she’s being objective and merely recording and sharing her observations, unaware of the chaos she’s unwittingly creating.

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  3. Walter it’s nice to see you blogging, your family is so entertaining. Please continue to post but give Carol the password. She has many loyal followers and I for one would miss seeing her posts. I think all of you are great and it’s nice to get perspectives from each if you.
    And I do think Steve was just trying to be helpful and bond with you. But you’re a good looking fellow, don’t change!

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    • Thank you for your support! Eggnog’s pretty adamant that she’s not giving Carol the password. Even though I’m the Pack Leader (and Eggnog is half my size), I’m afraid she’s very stubborn and I likely will not be able to convince her to change her mind.


  4. Way to go buddy! Dog power! Stuff all that nonsense you’re getting from cats as they are extremely super humungously incredibly devious. They always have an ulterior motive which is usually to get loved more than a dog …….. or they want food! If you can keep your wordless Wednesdays to less than 1000 words, you’re doing fine. CONTROL THE KEYBOARD buddy! That’s dog power! Woof! Ray.

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    • Cats are devious, aren’t they?! And you’re right, Ray — they’re always hungry. The old gray one, Violet, keeps trying to eat my food. I’ll do my best to keep my Wordless Wednesday posts not too wordy! Thanks for the tip!


  5. To my dear little stick dog (as I love to call you because of your sweet little toothpick legs), Little Mom and I don’t like to involve ourselves in your affairs, but as Pack Leader and apparently the LOUD one (???), I have to say that it is a bit much to not share the lap top password with Carol. It’s bad enough that you all seem to think that the computer is there for all of you to use (we are constantly having to clean up paw prints on the keys and I think Steve spilled some protein shake powder into the speakers), but to play keep-away from Carol? It’s not fair (neither is Ethel yelling at me every morning as she “rehearses” while stomping back and forth in front of me and I stumble over her in the dark, but that’s another issue). Anyway, please tell Eggnog to give Carol the password and let everyone know that while we love you all so much, the real Pack Leader has put everyone on notice to SHARE the lap top (and from now on, all of you need to please wipe your paws before using the keyboard, and tell Steve to keep his protein shake powder away from the laptop when he Skypes or spends endless hours on Plenty of Felines…yes, we know about that, too!)

    The Pack Leader (a.k.a. Not-as-loud-as-you-all-make-me-out-to-be Mom)

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  6. God, Walter: I had never heard of “Wordless Wednesday” ! I, too, used lots of words in my post today, including some to music. But I plan now to go and sin no more. Thanks for setting me straight..

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    • I’m happy to help! If you’re worried, I think you can do two Hail Marys, then drink a Bloody Mary, and you will be absolved of your sins. At least that’s what my moms say. Thanks for visiting!!


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