AT-AT it again.

Well, I regret to report that the bedroom door is still closed. But life goes on. I especially wish the door was open so I would have one more place to escape from Steve.

Steve’s been on Cloud 9 ever since he met our recent visitor Basil Worthington. I worried Steve would fall apart when Basil returned home to Louisville, but no such luck. Steve’s more determined than ever to be the perfect feline specimen. Right now he’s trying some new ab workout he found online that involves rubberbands and tennis balls. Don’t ask. He swears if he could just get his paws on a Shake Weight he’d have the most sculpted body ever. He watches too many infomercials.


The Shake Weight [As Seen on TV]. Saturday Night Live did a funny spoof of the Shake Weight ad [click here to watch]. Steve got SO MAD when I showed it to him! He said there’s nothing funny about his quest to achieve the perfect abs.

But enough about Steve. He’s the least of my concerns right now. Violet is the one that worries me. She keeps to herself most of the time, but when I need an ear she’s always there. Violet’s old and wise. [As opposed to Ethel who is just old. Don’t tell her I said that!]

You may recall my mentioning in a prior post Violet’s recent penchant for the dog’s wet food. Every night at feeding time she ambles out of her room, walking down the hallway like an AT-AT, to sneak a few bites of their dinner.

Violet in motion. Don't get in her way! She may be slow, but she's lethal! Eventually.

Violet in motion. Don’t get in her way! She may be slow, but she’s lethal! Eventually. Image source.

For some reason I don’t understand, The General (aka Sherman) steps aside and lets her dig into his bowl. If that were me… no way!!!

Ever since the rebirthing a few weeks ago, Violet’s behavior has become more extreme. It’s like she thinks she’s a dog! Why would a cat ever want to be a dog?!? Examples of her strange behavior include:

  1. As I mentioned, eating the dog’s food.sappho-dogfood
  2. Sitting at the back door like she wants to go out. She even pooped by the back door the other day. When I asked why she did that (instead of going in one of our many litter boxes), she said she did it because no one would let her out. Huh? We cats don’t go outside!
  3. Laying on the sofa with our moms surrounded by the three furry beasts in the evenings. She’s so relaxed out there she snores right along with Sherman!sherman-violet-sleeping
  4. Peeing outside of the litter box. This week Violet peed in Ethel’s bed. Now, we have lots of litter boxes. Lots. And our moms even bought lower boxes so Violet could get in easily – and I see her use them all of the time. She definitely doesn’t have a bladder infection (ouch!), either. But I do know that our brother Sherman sometimes pees on things to mark them. I think Violet was marking Ethel’s bed. Of course Ethel blamed Steve when she smelled pee on her bed. Ethel HATES Steve!

Clearly something’s not right. Is it that Violet’s becoming senile and is confused about her identity (and what litter boxes are for)? Or maybe the rebirthing accidentally reprogrammed her?

Perhaps Violet sees the advantages bestowed upon the furry beasts (namely treats and wet food) and decided that since she can’t beat them, she’ll join them?

Hmm. Maybe she’s onto something there. But a furry beast? No, it’s not worth it.

Eggnog asked if I knew why Violet had pooped by the back door. I gave Eggnog a rundown of my observations and explained my suspicion. Of course Eggnog blamed the whole thing on ME. She said this was further evidence of how out of control I’ve let things get. Eggnog told me to figure out what’s wrong or else she’s telling our moms.


Eggnog says she’s tired. And it’s all my fault.

I asked Eggnog if she thought I should talk to Baby Girl to get some expert advice. After all, Baby Girl is a certified Life Coach and is the one that conducted the Rebirthing exercise. Maybe Baby Girl’s seen this happen before? But Eggnog said I’d lost my ever-loving mind if I consulted Baby Girl about anything ever again.

I could research Violet’s symptoms on VetMD, but every time I look something up on there, I end up terrified. So that’s probably a bad idea, too. Besides, Violet visits the vet every other week. If something were terribly wrong, surely the doctor would know.

For now I’ll just keep my eye on Violet and hope she returns to her old self – sleeping all of the time… and then sleeping some more.


12 thoughts on “AT-AT it again.

  1. Carol, make sure one of your mom’s tells the vet about Violet’s bathroom issues…it sounds so much like old lady Snowflake and everything we’ve discovered about that awful “S” word that you mentioned. Does Violet stare at walls, or open doors and meow loudly, are seem to be lost and searching for…something. You sound like you really want to help her Carol…alzheimer’s in kitties isn’t fun, so I’m sure Violet senses that you care, even if she has no idea who you are.

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    • Thank you for this information, Deb. My sister Elle, who passed last year, was terribly senile. Violet is lucid more than not, but is definitely showing her almost 19 years. I know my moms tell the vet everything. and I mean EVERYTHING. They even keep written logs. The poor cat has no privacy! But if I see something they don’t, I’ll be sure to tell them. I’m VERY observant.

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  2. I love reading all about your family – I know sometimes they can be annoying (my humans certainly are!) but they are family and will always be there for you. I’m sure Violet needs all the attention and love, so make some room for her and let’s both hope she returns back to her normal self (that is, sleeping and not stealing your spotlight hehe).

    xoxo Sookie

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    • Aww, thank you, Sookie! I hope Violet gets back to herself soon, too. I prefer her as a cat!!

      I’ve definitely got my eyes on her and will make sure she is okay. I love her very much and look up to her as my big sister. Thank you, again, for your kind words!


  3. I’m sending some special paw power to Violet. It’s not easy getting old and sometimes we kind of “tune out” when we get to a certain stage I think – BUTTT at least Violet is visiting the vet regularly and indeed if something WAS wrong, they would know about it. Just keep an eye on her…..we’re sending a hug if that helps too.

    Sammy and Mom Pam


  4. When Rom got older, he had trouble chewing, so perhaps dear Violet has a similar problem, which makes Sherman’s soft food easier to eat.
    If you can suggest it to your moms, when they take her to the Vet, next, perhaps s/he could check her teeth – assuming this has not already been done.

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    • Ah, yes, Violet’s teeth. Thanks for the suggestion! They’ve been examined. They’re definitely old lady teeth, but the vet doesn’t think they’re causing her any discomfort.

      The funny thing is that I’ve seen my moms try to feed Violet wet CAT food and she walks away! I think it’s a case of she wants what she cannot have! My moms don’t really like to give her wet food, anyway, because it’s so rich it upsets her sensitive tummy. But they work with our doctor to try different things.

      I did overhear my moms talking after Violet’s visit to the vet last week about how she hasn’t lost any weight, so I guess that’s a positive! She goes to the doctor again this week and will get another checkup. (Sherman’s shaking in his booties worried they’re going to drag him along and make him participate in the Biggest Loser contest!)


  5. I would like to think that Violet has just recognized the superior nature of dogs and thus decided to adopt our ways, Carol, but it sounds as if it might be an age issue. I hope she is okay. It sounds like you and your moms are all keeping a close watch on her and taking good care of her.

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