An open letter to my person that’s away at college.

Please come home and open your bedroom door. I know you have lots of studying to do and friends to hang out with at school. And I don’t want to be any trouble to you. Our moms are always talking about how important it is for you to focus on your schoolwork and make new friends. But I promise opening your door won’t take long.


I’m sure one of our moms will happily bring you home to open the door for me. While you’re here LOUD Mom will make you dinner — whatever you want, just name it. You can do your laundry for free and I’m sure Little Mom will even make a Dairy Queen run. Doesn’t that sound great?! Then they’ll take you back to your dorm and drop you off right outside your door.

Remember when you lived here – all the afternoons we hung out together in your bedroom? I would lay on your pillow in a patch of sunlight alternating between sleeping and keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Sure, Walter often would impose himself [being your self-declared favorite — no worries, I know better], but he usually hid under the covers so I easily forgot he was there. You would watch TV or listen to music while you text messaged your friends and talked on the phone. Those were some of the best days of my life!


During the week when you went to school, sometimes you would leave the door open so I could nap in peace in your bedroom [until Steve realized your door was open and kicked me out of my spot so he could watch for his boyfriend, Willow]. From your bedroom window I could see to the end of the Earth – or at least the end of the block.


Isn’t this a great view?!

I watched Willow and Bubbles who live across the street. They’d come into our yard where Willow would stalk moms’ birds and Bubbles would attack Willow’s tail and foil his plans of death and destruction. Then LOUD Mom would get home from work and chase Willow and Bubbles out of the yard, mad. Oh how I relished those days.

I miss you and look forward to this summer when we can snuggle on your bed while you Snapchat pictures of me to your friends.


But summer is a long, long ways away, so I hope you will consider coming home to open your door for me now.


41 thoughts on “An open letter to my person that’s away at college.

  1. Oh Carol, it can be lonely without those special people and their places can’t it. Old, senile Snowflake is always a bit more confused when the last remaining daughter at our house goes away for long stretches, but then she forgets until the next time and we start all over again. I hope you get a visit soon…

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    • Thank you, Deb. I can empathize with Snowflake. When my person came home at Christmas I didn’t realize she would be leaving again. That made me sad. Having her gone has been an adjustment for us all, but we’re all happy that she’s happy. I hope she visits soon, too! That door’s not gonna open itself.


    • Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that misses their person that’s away at college. I hope your son is enjoying school and that you get to see him soon!

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    • Thank you, Sammy! It’s definitely been a difficult adjustment. I miss her very much. I do think her absence would be a lot easier to stomach if she left her door open for me!


    • Well, like any self-respecting feline, I do enjoy a good meal, Ray. If only I got to eat treats and wet food like the furry beasts. But I do fancy myself special for a cat. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Carol, I understand your quandary but even more I understand your loneliness. When your little mom left home and went off to college I cried – a lot. Then after she was gone a while I get used to her not being around and life was okay. Then she’d come home for a visit (usually to do her laundry and see her friends – but that’s okay) and I’d get used to having her here again and life would be back to normal. Then she’d go back to college and the emptiness started all over again. But remember, even if they’re not there with us they miss us too. I know this doesn’t get that dang door open, but hopefully it helps to know others understand what you’re going through.

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    • Hi, Grandma! Little Mom misses you, too, and always looks forward to seeing you!! I’m sure my person that’s away at college misses me while she’s gone. Hopefully she’ll read this and come home soon to open her bedroom door. With the weather getting warmer there’s going to be more sunshine and more to watch outside!

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    • Oh, my! I’ve heard about France — it’s far away. (I live in a town called Paris, which is frequently mistaken for a much larger and more interesting place.) You’d better make sure your daughter keeps her bedroom door open because no one can drive her home from France to open it!

      I wish her safe (and fun) travels! I’m sure you will miss her VERY much!!


      • We’re pretty much an open-door family so I won’t worry about that. It only gets shut to keep a dog off the bed, and the dog isn’t going to France. 🙂

        Be sure to enjoy your Paris. too.

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      • Everyone else here keeps their door open, too. My brother Walter says she shuts her door because I get too much fur on her pillow. I think Walter’s just jealous that I’m her favorite!


  3. Thanks for liking one of my posts and for visiting my blog. Your letter to your human is very heart felt….our dogs seem stressed if we simply go to the other room without them (you know how needy dogs can be!) I can’t imagine how sad they would be if we were gone for months at a time.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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    • And thank you for visiting my blog! I like your photographs. And your furry beast is pretty cute… for a furry beast!! I know what you mean about them being needy 😉

      As for my person that’s away at college, I miss her very much. I heard my moms talking tonight about her coming home for spring break, but that’s still weeks away. I hope I don’t have to wait that long!

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  4. Wow that looks cold. Best to keep the door closed until person returns but then there will be fun galore. Learn the ancient art of delayed gratification. Mind you, my cat Eve reckons it’s for losers. Sun now. Wet food now.

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  6. hello carol its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo kannot git the door opend enny other way let me no and i wil send bob the pyromaniak bilder over!!! bob wurks for me now and i am shoor he wood be happy to blast the door open with dynamite or sumthing!!! ok bye

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