The Ultimate Squirming Championship

Sherman’s decided that maybe if he can lose weight on his own, our moms won’t make him participate in the vet’s Biggest Loser challenge. Of course he’s not foregone his wet food and he DEFINITELY hasn’t given up his chewies. He also poopooed my suggestion of a family fitness regimen. Instead, he’s opting to increase his activity level by tormenting Walter.

In all fairness, Sherman calls it play. And I think that’s what Walter calls it, too… for the most part.


Walter attempts to surrender, but Sherman goes in for the takedown.

Besides, Walter has a lot of nervous energy to get out [the emphasis being on “nervous”]. I’d much rather he exert that energy wrestling with Sherman than chasing me!

Frankly, I find their play rather interesting. Almost mesmerizing.

I don’t know why, but I seem to be the only one that enjoys watching Walter and Sherman go at it. Eggnog runs for the hills, afraid they’ll come after her. Steve skedaddles when they get started. He swears he’s not afraid, but I think otherwise. And the old ladies, well, they always do their own thing.

Walter and Sherman’s favorite place to play is on the rug in our moms’ bedroom. Their second favorite place is on Little Mom. Literally ON her. Boy, she loves that! [Not.] LOUD Mom likes to point out that they don’t play on her because she’s the “Pack Leader.” Which makes Little Mom roll her eyes.

When they really get going Walter alternates between a Jackie Chan impersonation, doing flips and flying through the air, and channeling his inner Luke Skywalker.


Meanwhile Sherman mostly rolls around on the floor, wiggling his girth in whatever direction Walter leaps. Does Sherman really think he’s going to lose weight and avoid the Biggest Loser challenge by being squirmy?

I recently heard our moms commenting that the boys seem to be playing more lately. Unfortunately for Sherman, they also joked about his knack for exerting as little energy as possible. Little Mom even pointed at Sherman’s tummy and said maybe he could stand to lose a pound or two! Uh-oh.

All I know is that if our moms make Sherman join the Biggest Loser challenge, I’m going to tell him that he should have taken me up on my offer to implement a family fitness regimen. After a few weeks of Catsercise, he’d be doubling his chewy intake and eating all the wet food his heart desired.

Oh well, his loss. I don’t have a dog in that fight.

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Squirming Championship

  1. WrestleMania…….gotta love it……they really remind me a lot of human wrestlers…circling, lunging, circling again, tussling on the canvas – oops I mean carpet……Carol I’d me like you – safe under the chair observing the activity and probably yawning with excitement. (ha)

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • WrestleMania is exactly what they look like, Sammy! Given how much humans enjoy watching wrestling, I guess it should be no surprise that I find their play so entrancing. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Ohhhh! A video and purrfessionally purrduced with credits, no less! Loved it 😉
    Walter looked happy and fit, so I suspect this is good for him. However, as others have also noticed, Sherman is not putting in enough effort to lose any serious weight.
    Is Basil Worthington still visiting?

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    • Thank you! Basil is leaving tomorrow, weather permitting. Steve is in denial. His days have centered around Basil’s comings and goings.

      I’ll be happy to have Basil gone, though, as Steve keeps saving all of the best sleeping spots for Basil. Even if Basil’s napping elsewhere, Steve will make me move in case Basil decides he wants a change of scenery.


  3. LOL, Carol, I was going to ask if you had animals yourself after you commented on my post, but then I looked for myself – you beat our four by a few!! Love the video, particularly Carol watching on. I feel she’s waiting to see who loses, so she can perhaps steal their chewies. Love it! 🙂

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  4. My abject apology, dear Carol, in the above comment I appeared to think you were one of the humans. Please forgive me, I’m a little tired and typing faster than thinking! Obviously, your observational skills show you are indeed a cat, and a particularly superior one at that. Thank you for your fine blogging skills and insight into your very amusing family 🙂

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    • No worries. I’m frequently mistaken for a human. Evidently my name is not species specific. It seems strange to me that there would be humans called Carol, but I hear it’s not uncommon.

      I think it’s so wonderful that you adopted Tillie and Elvis. I know how scared I was that Steve and I would be separated when we were at the shelter, so I can only imagine what they must have been feeling having been together for so long.

      Thank you for visiting my blog!! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my observations!


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