Basil Worthington comes to Paris

Thank goodness Steve still hasn’t seen my Valentine’s Day post to him. He’s been too preoccupied… he’s in love. Again.

We have a visitor this week and Steve is completely smitten. His name is Basil Worthington and he’s what Steve calls “mature” and “cosmopolitan.” [I imagine that’s what Basil’s mom and dad were going for when they named him that.] Mr. Worthington is six and lives in a place called Louisville.


Basil’s mom and dad hired a professional photographer to take pictures of him. [I think my moms’ pictures look just as nice.]

Basil’s parents took a trip and so he’s staying with us. Steve follows him around like a puppy dog. [I probably shouldn’t insult my brother like that, but I think my Valentine to him more than makes up for it.]

Whatever Basil does, Steve does. If Basil gets a drink, Steve gets a drink. If Basil naps on the sofa, Steve naps beside him. When Basil uses the litterbox, Steve climbs in after – whether he has to go or not. Pathetic.

Basil acts like he barely notices Steve. And when he does acknowledge Steve, it’s with an air of disdain.

So I was surprised when Steve told me Basil is his new boyfriend and that they’re far more in love than he and Willow ever were. He said Basil is the best thing that ever happened to him. Steve even asked me to help him shop for a bow tie. A bow tie?! Basil told Steve he should take more pride in his appearance.

I guess Mr. Worthington doesn't care for Steve's usual attire.

I guess Mr. Worthington doesn’t care for Steve’s usual attire.

I don’t know what humans call it, but I think Steve’s on what we cats call “the rebound.” You see, Baby Girl told me that Steve’s ex, Willow, isn’t hanging out with Greg and Cindy from FelExodus anymore and that he dumped his “girlfriends” Marmalade, Trixie and Cinnamon. Willow also admitted to his sister, Baby Girl, that Marmalade’s kittens can’t be his… if you know what I mean. 😉

Evidently Willow’s started spending a lot of time with Scruffy from the next block over. You might remember Scruffy from a previous post – he “pawed” Steve on Plenty of Felines.


I suspect Steve’s upset that Willow didn’t want him back and that’s why he’s chasing after our snooty old house guest [sorry, “cosmopolitan” and “mature” house guest], Basil Worthington.

I guess only time will tell. At least Steve seems a little more like his old self, obsessing about his abs and spending hours reading protein powder reviews on It’s nice to have my brother back.


Steve’s favorite protein powder from his favorite website. He hogs the computer for hours at a time reading reviews — Steve’s idea of literature.

18 thoughts on “Basil Worthington comes to Paris

  1. Carol, I cannot believe Steve has not read your heartfelt valentine yet just because he is smitten with your sophisticated visitor. Hasn’t he heard the old song about making new friends but keeping the old? Anyway, I am glad to hear that things are getting back to normal.

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  2. I fear that you’re right. Steve is rebounding, falling too hard, too fast. And what happens when Basil returns to Louisville? Willow seems out of control, bouncing from relationship to relationship and Scruffy looks like trouble.
    Please take care of yourself, I know this must be stressful.

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    • Thank you for your support! I don’t think Steve’s thought that far ahead. And I agree with you about Scruffy. LOUD Mom was yelling at him to get out of the yard the other day and he just stared her down, then sauntered away!

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  3. First of all I happen to think Steve’s t-shirt is way cool so if Basil has a PROBLEM with the way Steve dresses – I say POOH! Bow tie? Well, they do look kinda cute – our friend Sampson at Cat Scouts wears a tie and is truly stylin’ with it. Anyway, the ins and outs of relationships are tough – but it DOES make me glad I’m an “only cat” and don’t hang out with any of the neighborhood homeys. Less drama just dealing with my humans (and believe me I never thought I’d say that out loud).

    Hugs, Sammy

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  4. Basil Worthington – name sounds like it should have a Sir or Lord in frond of it. I do hope Steve’s tender heart doesn’t get crushed, again….. Purrsideon wants to know where “Mr. Steve’ shops for bow ties.

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