The show must [unfortunately] go on

As I write, Ethel’s “show” is only hours away. Thank goodness. My ears can’t stand much more. I hope she gets a good turnout or life in this house is NOT going to be pretty.


One of Ethel’s “fans” sent her this t-shirt and she refuses to take it off.

Ethel’s also decided that she needs a band. So I spent the weekend helping her write a Craigslist ad and interviewing potential band members via Skype.


We found a very gifted pianist named Mendelssohn, but she seemed to suffer from depression.


Image Credit : Tam Baker

The guitarist we interviewed – Flea – was a complete bust. Totally tweaked out on catnip.


And we Skyped with a drummer who’s played large venues with some pretty up-and-coming artists. Unfortunately, Ethel couldn’t meet his compensation requirements – unlimited grain-free, hypoallergenic wet AND dry food [we don’t even eat that well], unlimited organic treats [treats? what are those?], and a place to crash [our moms would NEVER go for that, thank goodness!], so he was out.

Thankfully, Ethel seems to have cooled to the notion that she needs a band to accompany her. She says she doesn’t want the music to interfere with her vocals. And, speaking of vocals, I yet again gave in to her harangues. She said her fans have been requesting video, so here it is. It’s short – I didn’t want to subject your ears to more than necessary. You’ll see what I mean.

25 thoughts on “The show must [unfortunately] go on

  1. You have very pretty vocals. All three of my fur balls woke up, one stood by one chair looking at you, one was nosing my computer trying to figure out where that pretty voice was coming from, and Dac’s ears perked right up.

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    • No offense here! I won’t tell Ethel that Bob was more interested in her shirt than her music. She’s already struggling emotionally. As for her shirt, a fan sent it to her. I suspect it was second-hand (another thing I won’t tell Ethel), so I doubt it’s in production any longer. Maybe he needs to have one custom made!


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