The End of Innocence

I should have listened to Ethel. At least that’s what she says. She always told me it would happen, but I didn’t believe her. Until it did: Our moms abandoned us.

ethel-in-sweaterViolet, who claims to be the voice of reason, said that they were just going away for the weekend and would be back. She said she’s lived a long life and has seen this happen before, so don’t get my tail in a twist. But Ethel insisted that it didn’t matter if it was temporary or not; they left us here to fend for ourselves. She said something about Lord of the Flies, but I don’t know what flies have to do with anything.

Sure, our moms sent a nice lady to come feed us and scoop our litterboxes and give the old ladies all their medications [and Walter his nerve pills – thank God – even if they don’t help]. But Ethel says they can’t pay someone else to love us. Maybe she’s right.

I don’t think Steve even noticed they were gone. He was too busy grooming himself and waiting for Willow to visit. The General (Sherman) was too preoccupied with caching chewies to notice. And Eggnog was so frustrated that Sherman kept stealing the chewies she buried in her bed to care that we were all alone. Forever.

Walter’s always a bag of nerves as it is, so this almost pushed him over the edge. Thank goodness our visiting lady friend put his “Thunder Shirt” on him. No self-respecting creature wears clothes, but I sure am thankful when Walter wears it because he seems to chase me a little less. Anyway, Walter kept talking about how our person that’s away at college was going to come home and rescue him. Ethel told Walter she didn’t have time for that, that she’s studying and hanging out with her friends, but he was insistent.

Baby Girl came to visit and I told her we were on our own now. She took a bunch of notes and asked a lot of questions about our welfare. I really like her.

In the end it turned out Violet was right – they came home. Ethel told us all that we should punish them for leaving otherwise it will happen again. Sherman peed on the floor, but admitted that punishing them was just an excuse. Really, he just wanted to pee on the floor.

I don’t know. I don’t think we need to punish them. I think they know better now and will never leave us again.

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