Walter’s Lost His Marbles (and I think I can find them)

My brother Walter just got back from “analysis.” I want to know what he does there! Around the house, Walter’s always a nervous wreck. It totally gets on my nerves. Gets on EVERYONE’s nerves…except maybe Ethel, who is too busy hating Steve to be bothered by Walter.

I think Walter’s nerves scare even Walter himself. When it’s time to go outside or even for a walk, he cowers like someone’s going to give him a swift kick. Steve calls him pathetic. (As if he has room to talk.) What furry beast doesn’t like Continue reading

On Track to a 12-Step Program

Today I found a post on YouTube…of ME. At the track. Exposed. I am not sure whether I should feel disgusted or angry (my louder mom would say “pissed”), but I’ve been violated all the same. I thought I felt someone watching me the other day. Must have been my “little” mom, as the loud one calls her, that filmed me. I wonder how she’d feel if I took footage of her putting clothing on the tiny furry beast called Eggnog. My little mom would be totally humiliated if the world saw her do such a ridiculous thing. I would say not as humiliated as Eggnog, but that tiny beast thinks wearing more clothes is fun. Steve, though, would be mortified if he knew you saw him like this.
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Never start at the beginning.

My name is Carol. I started this blog because I see things. Lots of things. Around corners. Through windows. From behind furniture and on top of shelves. I watch the people and cats and wretched furry beasts, and I write things down. I write everything down (unless I’m transfixed by my track ball, but that’s another story). I also have many sources on the outside. Some call me a gossip. I call it research.

Now, after two years, I’ve decided to share some of my observations with you. I can say with all honesty that the happenings here are very dramatic and sometimes even shocking. People think that cats live a life of leisure. That may be true for most (Steve), but not for me. There’s too much to see, and someone has to know what’s going on. Anyway, I welcome your comments (or any additional insider information – just click on the blog post title to open the comments form) in the hope of creating a dialogue with you, dear readers.